Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Aromatherapy Associates Giveaway Prize & My Bathroom...

Excuse the long-winded title of this post! I honestly couldn't come up with anything better ;) It's been a long day and "hump day" to boot so I'm just grateful that I can spell! :)

Anyway, on with the post!

Back in the middle of June I entered a giveaway on the gorgeous Nicoletta's blog. The prize consisted of 2 things from Aromatherapy Associates... De-Stress Muscle Gel (150ml tube) and De-Stress Muscle Bath and Shower Oil (55ml). The prize was worth £57 and I never expected to win. So you can imagine my delight when Nicoletta contacted me last week to say I had won! Before I do anything else, I urge you to check out her blog if you haven't done so already

Nicoletta's Beauty Space

She blogs about a wide range of subjects and always shows great pictures to back up her words. Follow her too whilst you're there - you won't regret it! x

When I got home today, my prize was waiting for me...

I love the packaging, which really adds to the overall quality of the products.

The Bath & Shower Oil contains key oils of lavender, rosemary & ginger. It smells heavenly - I smelt the oils as soon as I opened the jiffy bag!

The Bath & Shower Oil comes in a gorgeous glass bottle...

Out of the 55ml bottle, you are supposed to get approx. 20 baths. This really helps to justify the cost - there's nothing worse than buying an expensive bath product only to find the bottle empty after a third bath!

The other way it can be used is to apply it all over and then hop in the shower. I'm intending to try this later, believe me! I'll use it sparingly as I don't want to step in the shower and then slide out again ;)

Last but not least, the De-Stress Muscle Gel...

This smells gorgeous too. With rosemary, black pepper and ginger, this gel is formulated with pure essential oils and aromatic waters. Doesn't that make you feel relaxed already? :) Just apply it to tired muscles or joints and massage it in.

My husband cycles to and from work each day and was feeling particularly tired this evening. I roped him in to test this and it must have worked a treat as he is now dozing on the sofa in front of 'Tour de France'! The smell is intoxicating and is making me feel sleepy too - the smell is wafting round our flat and I love it :)

Speaking of my flat (see what I did there?) this is my bathroom...

My shower puffs are from The Body Shop and the shower gels are both by Original Source. The bathroom is super white - tiles & suite - and with the lights it glows!

This is the products I grabbed when I got in from work - yes, I just had to include my Aromatherapy Associates goodies ;) The little drawers that my products are sitting on hold shower gel, bubble bath, razor, etc. They're made of white wood and make the perfect place to rest my products whilst I'm pampering!

This is our window! As you can see, it's almost the same width as the bath - the light floods in and I love it. The little ornaments in the window are made of tin - the one on the left is a girl with a shopping basket and the one on the left is a bride. You can just make out my Liz Earle sponge next to it! The green sponge on the left is from The Body Shop, but unless you like your sponge to sandpaper 3 layers of your skin off, please avoid it!!

Spotlights! There are 3 running through the middle of the ceiling. I have always loved spotlights, so to have them in our my bathroom is amazing (little things and all that!)

My sink! The handwash is by Original Source and that's my Liz Earle Muslin Cloth draped over the side. I can assure you that it's a lot whiter than this - blame my stupid camera for making it look dull!

Sorry about the ramble, but I wanted to share my giveaway goodies as soon as possible!

If you would like to try some of their amazing products for yourself, check out x


  1. I agree about the packaging.These both sound very luxurious,i would love to try these. Have to admit i laughed a bit at the thought of you applying the oil and slipping all over the bath.Your bathroom is lovely.I love white bathrooms and how they sparkle after they have been cleaned :)

  2. I love looking into other peoples bathrooms - thanks so much for this post!

    Why not check out my new beauty blog, The Glossy Guide?

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