Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My favourite eye cream is...

White Lotus Moisture Rich Eye Blend by WEI! I got given a sample of this when I bought a NARS nail polish from SpaceNK...

Image courtesy of spacenk.co.uk

Sadly, this is not the sample! The tube I got was only 2ml, but the cream itself is lovely & thick (but not heavy).

WEI is not a brand I have ever purchased before, so when I got this I was intrigued to try it. I also got other WEI products (eye treatment pads & face treatment pads) when I got my Clarisonic & NARS Sheer Glow and I love those too. However, to avoid a long, rambling blog post, I shall stick to the eye cream for now! :)

As the name suggests, the main ingredient in this eye cream is White Lotus, which is known for its ability to re-hydrate, re-plump and provide anti-wrinkle & firming benefits. The rich black mud that it grows in contains a complex blend of rare minerals that help to protect skin from ageing and environmental damage. With that kind of blurb, it's enough to convince me it'll work wonders! ;)

I apply a tiny amount in the morning and at night and I have lots left in the tube. Considering I got the sample a few weeks ago, I am impressed by how long it's lasting. I have minimal fine lines around my eyes and I like to keep it that way. The key is not to overload the delicate eye area, which can have the opposite effect and actually create sagging & white bumps under the skin.

The only downside is that a 14ml pot (shown above) costs a whopping £60! That means that the 2ml sample tube I got was worth just over £8 - phew!

Putting that (major) point aside, I would recommend this eye cream for you if you want to keep your under-eye area hydrated, plumped and radiant. The texture is like nothing else I've tried and it's a real treat to use.

If you can afford it, you can buy the 14ml jar from SpaceNK here.

Have you tried this eye cream or any other WEI products? x

Friday, May 27, 2011

Going Make-Up Free!

For the first time EVER, I am confident enough in my skin to post a photo on my blog of my skin with no make-up!

I am a bit nervous, but here goes...

Excuse the wide-eyed expression - I took this at 7am this morning!

I never go bare-faced leaving the house - ever. I would rather wear no clothes out than go out without make-up! ;)

I'm so happy with how my skin is looking right now. Thanks to my Clarisonic & Liz Earle products, I seem to have found a combination of products that work for me (and that do actually work, rather than just claiming to).

Who knows, I might get the odd breakout, but right now my pores are smaller, I have a more even tone and all the little bumps I had under my skin have gone. It sucks to have bad skin at 28, but I hope it's finally behind me.

On another great note, I got an amazing bonus when I took out a subscription to ELLE magazine...

With last months' ELLE, there was a leaflet inside advertising their latest subscription gift: pay £10 by direct debit for 6 issues and receive a free Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Set worth £26.50! I only set up the direct debit last week and my set (above) arrived yesterday!

You get:

* Cleanse & Polish Starter Kit (100ml of C&P + 2x Muslin Cloths + bag)
* Cleanse & Polish (100ml)
* Pack of 2 Muslin Cloths
* Summer Newsletter (booklet shown above)

What a great subscription gift! I was amazed that it came with a total of 4 cloths, which is an amazing bonus. As I absolutely love this cleanser, I'm so pleased that I now have a stash of it to keep me going for the next couple of months :)

If you are in the UK and you want to get this great offer, just visit www.subscribe2.co.uk/elle/ia57  There is no extra costs and if you want to continue receiving ELLE after the 6 months, you'll be billed just £18.24 every 6 issues (which still saves you 20% on the cost price of the magazine). I'm amazed that I received the gift so quickly - my direct debit won't be taken until the 6th June!

I hope you've got a lovely weekend planned x

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kiehl's Creme de Corps 10 Day Challenge!

When it comes to body lotions - for me - there is one that stands out above the rest. Here is my all-time favourite body lotion...

Kiehl's Creme de Corps

I would use a photo of my own bottle, but I am preparing to move house and have packed the lead away!

The label claims that after 10 days of continuous use, skin is left with a texture like no other! So, I decided to take the challenge and put it to the test.

I bought a 250ml bottle a few months ago and was using it once a week, as I couldn't (at the time) justify using such an expensive body lotion every day. That way of thinking has gone out the window and I am enjoying using it every day :)

The first day of the 10 day challenge started on Sunday 15th May and ended yesterday. I applied it all over after my daily bath/shower (depending on whether I was in the mood for a soak or a quick drench!). My skin felt amazing - it's especially effective after using a scrub & shaving, as new skin is revealed so the lotion can absorb better.

Applying this rich cream is a cinch - it's non-greasy and it only takes a few minutes to sink in. I always applied it in the evening so that my pyjamas would create heat and help it to absorb. The result? I would wake up with super-soft skin every morning and after just 3 days of applying it continuously, my skin had a lovely glow.

Even though my self-imposed 10 day challenge has passed, I am continuing to apply it daily. I'm addicted to the feeling of having moisturised skin all day! The scent is really light so it doesn't matter which perfume I choose to wear (this is another bonus).

I'm coming to the end of my current bottle, so once pay day arrives, I shall be investing in another one. If used each day, a 250ml bottle should last a month. I always try to apply a light layer all over and make sure I don't use too much. As it's so rich, a light layer is all that's needed anyway.

If you're suffering from dry skin, I cannot recommend this lotion enough. My skin isn't that dry at the moment, but it still needs a bit of daily TLC (who doesn't?!)

Have you applied Creme de Corps for 10 days in a row? Did you get a good result or was it a waste of time & cash? x

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Skincare Routine...

After making the decision to ditch (*ahem* I mean, switch...!) from Clinique 3-Step System to Liz Earle Skin Essentials, my skin has changed beyond belief.

Before, I was using a cleanser to remove my make-up, Clinique 3-Step System (type 3) and then a moisturiser (as Dramatically Different... is not classed as a "proper" moisturiser according to Clinique). In addition, I had to use a separate scrub, eye cream & mask as and when needed. That's a a lot of products! Not just monetary-wise, but time-wise. Despite this routine -which claimed to make my skin "glow" - did anything but. My skin was still breaking out, still oily and my make-up was not being removed thoroughly enough. I would use an EVE LOM muslin cloth to remove my cleanser and the Clinique Liquid Soap and I would still have traces of make-up when I swiped the Clarifying Lotion (toner) afterwards.

Now, my skin couldn't be more different. Here's what I'm using...

I use Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, Liz Earle Skin Tonic, Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser (Light), MAC Cleanse Off Oil, WEI Eye Cream, Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator and Clinique Pore Minimizer Refining mask. Best of all, I use my Clarisonic Classic twice a day! I started off using it on the low speed setting and after 1 week for twice-daily use I switched it up to normal.

To avoid getting the brush head dirty, I decided to start using MAC Cleanse Off Oil to remove my foundation, blusher, concealer & powder and then Cleanse & Polish with the Clarisonic. I use one & a half pumps of the MAC Cleanse Off Oil, massage it in and then emulsify it with water. I then use my Liz Earle Muslin Cloth to remove it. I have have a clean canvas so that Cleanse & Polish and the Clarisonic can work better.

Once the Clarisonic has worked its magic (just 20 seconds on my forehead, 20 seconds on my nose/chin and 10 seconds on each cheek) I then remove what's left of the C&P with the muslin cloth. A splash of cold water follows and then I pat my face dry.

I use 3 splashes of Skin Tonic on a cotton wool ball and then sweep it over my face (avoiding the eye area). Whilst the tonic is still damp, I apply 1 pump of Skin Repair moisturiser all over and really massage it in. Finally, I apply eye cream.

The WEI eye cream was given to me as a free sample when I went to SpaceNK and I love it. It's creamy & moisturising, yet super light.

I tend to use the Gentle Face Exfoliator once a week and a face mask once a week. This routine may sound like a hassle, but it takes just 20 minutes in the morning and again at night.

After just a week and a half of using my Clarisonic my skin has become very smooth, my pores appear smaller and my breakouts have almost cleared up. I am beyond thrilled with this and I love this combination of products.

When I was asked to try Liz Earle products I never thought they would work as well as they do *hangs head in shame* :) The scent is very relaxing and the ingredients are just the thing for repairing damaged/sensitive skin. I am on my second C&P right now and have a third in the drawer (plus 2 more on order!) As I use 2 pumps a day, a 100ml C&P lasts for about a month.

If you're worried about shelling out on a Clarisonic and it not working for you, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee, which is amazing. Needless to say, I won't be taking them up on their generous offer! I couldn't bear to part with it and I really enjoy using it.

What are your current skincare must-haves? x

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Mini Haul...

Thanks to a Debenhams Beauty Club bonus, I managed to pick up a Chanel nail polish that I've been lusting after for ages...

Chanel Particuliere

I have wanted this must-have shade for ages, but my local counter has always been sold out. As I had a £15 bonus, it only cost £1.35. Result!

This is how it looks after 2 coats. This shade is an example of "good Chanel"... opaque and glossy in one coat. I decided to apply 2 to intensify the colour, but the lady on the counter showed me how it looks with one coat (which she was wearing) and it looked great.

After trying to track down Particuliere for ages - and failing - I bought the much-hyped about dupe:

Mushroom by Barry M...

For me, this is not a dupe. The colour is too dark, it comes out streaky and comes out far more brown than Particuliere. Thankfully it was only £2.95 so it wasn't an expensive mistake!

I also got a bottle of Seche Vite Top Coat, which is another nail product I've been after for ages...

I got this from Boots and it cost £9.14. I looked at it in Sally's where they charge £9.99, so if you're looking to get it a bit cheaper (and earn Advantage Card Points) then get it from Boots : )

I've heard great things about this top coat and it frequently gets top reviews in all the glossy magazines. I love trying different top coats & base coats and am pleased that I've finally got this one in my (ever-growing) collection!

Lastly, I got 2 hair products in Boots...

I was inspired by Milly from Pearls & Poodles to get the Frizz-Ease 100% Shine Spray. She said that it leaves hair glossy & shiny and it certainly does! I alternate my Bed Head Headrush Shine Spray with this one and a light mist is all that's needed.

As I was out of dry shampoo, I also picked up a new Batiste one with a hint of colour. I chose the one for darker shades of brunette (for obvious reasons!) and it's such a good idea. As it's a large can it should last for ages and it was a bargain at just £3.05.

I only got a few things this week after splurging on Liz Earle Skin Essentials, NARS Sheer Glow foundation and a Clarisonic (oops!). I've got my eye on a bottle of Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne, so that's at the top of my "must purchase" list ; )

Have you treated yourself to anything this week? x

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NARS Desperado Nail Polish Review...

I bought this nail polish a few weeks ago from SpaceNK and I was immediately drawn to its unique colour.

Here is Desperado...

This was taken in natural light and I applied 2 coats. The first coat comes out quite light and very gold, but add the second coat and the khaki shows up more.

I would say that the colour looks like antique brass with a hint of shimmer. Very unusual to say the least! I was tempted to get 'Mash' but this stood out a lot more.

The finish of this colour is glossy and - like all NARS products - the depth of colour/pigmentation is amazing. In total I have 3 NARS nail polishes - Orgasm, Arabesque & Desperado - and I've got my eye on 'Schiap' (hot pink) and 'Bad Influence' (a gorgeous deep taupe/mud shade).

Each one costs £13.50 from NARS or SpaceNK and you can check out 'Desperado' here.

Do you wear NARS nail polish? Which shade is your favourite? x

Friday, May 06, 2011

My May Giveaway!


I am moving house next week and am currently packing/sorting things out in preparation for the move. Therefore, I have decided to extend the giveaway by 1 more week, so the end date is now 5th June at 8pm (GMT). I apologise for having to extend it, but I am really busy right now (as well as moving, I'm starting a new job - all in the same week!) so it would give me time to sort out the entries properly and then purchase the winning lipstick.

Thank you to those of you who have entered so far and left lovely comments - it makes my day to read them, so thank you & good luck! x


I meant to do this when I hit the 100 followers mark, but time passed and I somehow never got round to doing it. To be honest, I think that I was scared in case no-one entered! So, I decided to go for it and hope that the items I'm giving away are good enough. Without further ado, here is...

My May Giveaway!

You will get everything shown in the above picture:

* Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (30ml tube), full-sized Muslin Cloth (shown folded up), instruction card & white envelope to keep it all in
* Cowshed "horny cow" seductive body lotion (100ml) (rose scented)
* Set of 4 full-sized Nails Inc/Diet Coke nail polishes in: Caramel, Heather Grey, Denim & Plum
* Clinique High Impact Mascara in "01 Black" (4g, trial-size tube)

All of these items are new and unused/untested. Rest assured that these items are 100% genuine - the Nails Inc polishes were part of the recent limited edition giveaway and rather than being a "freebie" I actually had to spend quite a bit of money to get them. I bought 2 of each of these polishes and would like to see these go to someone who will enjoy using them.

That's not all!

PLUS, you can also choose a MAC lipstick! The only exception is that it must be one from their current/permanent collection (i.e. no Limited Edition or Viva Glam). Perhaps you might choose Ruby Woo or Myth... the choice is yours!

All you need to do to enter my giveaway is the following:

1. Become a follower of this blog by clicking "Follow" and using Google Friend Connect.

2. Leave a comment below saying "I'd love to win the May Giveaway!" along with your 1st & 2nd choice of the MAC lipstick shade you would like. That way, if your first choice is out of stock I will know which shade you would like instead.

3. Along with your comment, leave your name, your follower name, your Twitter ID and your email address.

4. The giveaway is open to anyone - worldwide - but please be aware that I cannot be held responsible for any customs charges you may incur. Please check the mailing restrictions of your country before entering. Thank you!

5. You can get an extra entry by tweeting about my giveaway - please tell me in your comment if you've done that.

A few little rules:

1. You can only enter this giveaway once - no sneaky entries please!
2. You must be a follower - I shall be checking!
3. No cash/other alternative is offered. What you see in the picture - together with your 1st or 2nd choice of MAC lipstick - is what you will get.
4. The closing date for entries is 8pm (GMT) on Saturday 28th May. The winning entry will be drawn after that using random.org and the winner will be notified.

Good Luck! x

Thursday, May 05, 2011

SpaceNK Haul!

Well, it's not really a haul - I got 2 items - but it consists of 2 things, one of which I have wanted for a very long time. My first item is the best...

A Clarisonic Classic!

Every time I went into a SpaceNK, I would gaze lovingly at the Clarisonic on display. I would try and justify the price tag, but there always seemed to be other things to buy.

I decided to get the Classic rather than the Mia, because I knew I would regret buying one that only had one speed. Plus, I prefer the look of the Classic ; ) I did look at the Plus (face & body) version, but I'm only planning on using it on my face, so it would have been a waste.

Inside the box, you get (as shown above) Clarisonic with two speeds, Universal Charging Cradle for international use, Sensitive Brush Head, 3 trial-size facial cleansers (30ml each) & a plastic cover for the brush head.

The Clarisonic feels nice to hold and has a good weight to it - it certainly doesn't feel cheap/flimsy!

As it needs a full 24-hour charge before its first use, I shall be charging it up tonight so that I can use it for the first time tomorrow night - I can't wait! The charging dock has a weighted base, which will stop it falling over and I might keep it in that when it's not in use.

I'm planning on trying it with my beloved Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (the Clarisonic can be used with any non-abrasive cleanser) but it did come with 3x 30ml tubes of Clarisonic-branded cleansers...

Left-Right: Nourishing Care (normal/dry skin), Gentle Hydro (all/sensitive skin) & Refreshing Gel (normal/oily skin)

As it comes with the Sensitive brush head as standard, I will try it and then have a look at other brush heads if it feels too soft.

As much as I love talking about my new Clarisonic, here is what else I bought...

NARS Sheer Glow

I bought it in "Light 4 ~ Deauville" and as I'm NW20 in MAC, this shade is perfect for me. This is my second bottle of this foundation and I love it. My only criticism is that it doesn't come with a pump. Therefore, you have to be careful when you take the lid off. Other than that, I love the glass bottle and how NARS is printed on the glass.

My order came with some free samples - Caudalie Radiance Serum (2ml), a huge WEI Gingko Leaf Repairing Face Treatment Pad and a mini vial of  perfume: Privet Bloom by Hampton Sun. I'm not too keen on the smell of the perfume, but I can't wait to try the other 2!

I got my Clarisonic & NARS Sheer Glow online at SpaceNK.

Do you use a Clarisonic or NARS Sheer Glow?

I will be posting my long-overdue giveaway here tomorrow night and it will include a 30ml Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish + Muslin Cloth so keep your eyes peeled! x

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator Review

After using Liz Earle skin essentials for the past few weeks - Cleanse & Polish, Skin Tonic & Skin Repair Light - I introduced a scrub. This is also from Liz Earle and I love it. Introducing...

Gentle Face Exfoliator

The texture of this cream-based scrub is similar to Cleanse & Polish, but it has the added benefits of granules to polish skin.

Containing naturally-active ingredients including jojoba beads to gently exfoliate, cocoa butter to moisturise and soothing eucalyptus. Perfect for you if you suffer from blocked pores, blackheads and congested or flaky skin. The gently beads gently buff away excess/dead skin cells and impurities for smoother, clearer skin. Not suitable for sensitive skin.

I absolutely love it... I have been using it 3 times a week for the past couple of weeks (after Cleanse & Polish) and I can really feel the difference when I massage my Skin Repair in. My skin feels deep-cleaned, smooth and radiant.

It's so easy to use... just 1 pump massaged in (avoiding eye area) and then I remove it with the muslin cloth. On a couple of occasions, I have mixed a small amount in with Cleanse & Polish and that's a great trick if you're short on time in the morning.

My skin - unfortunately - experienced a breakout after about 4 weeks of using Cleanse & Polish. It's now clearing, so hopefully that was a one-off. I love using the range so I'm grinning (well, grimacing!) and bearing it ; )

I was kindly sent the 70ml pump bottle (the full-sized version) which costs £12.50. It's also available in a 50ml tube for £8.95 and a 15ml tube for £4.85, which is a perfect travel size or if you're looking to try it for the first time.

If this sounds like the scrub for you, you can check it out here.

I have just ordered the Springtime Must-Haves for myself, which contains the Skin Essentials trio plus a free Cleanse & Polish. It was a bargain at just £41 (instead of £54.35 rrp) and it will arrive next week. I can't wait as I'm running low on Cleanse & Polish and Skin Tonic and panic that I will run out before it arrives!

On the subject of new products (in a roundabout way!) I also picked up a bargain at TK Maxx last weekend: 'This Works' 'Stretch Mark Oil'. I do not suffer from stretch marks (thankfully) but I was excited to see this for just £4 in their Clearance sale! Considering that it normally retails for about £35, I was amazed to see it (boxed, un-opened & un-tested too!) It's an amazing body oil and I will be posting a review about it next week.

Hope you're enjoying having another 4-day weekend - I certainly am! : ) x
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