Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NARS Desperado Nail Polish Review...

I bought this nail polish a few weeks ago from SpaceNK and I was immediately drawn to its unique colour.

Here is Desperado...

This was taken in natural light and I applied 2 coats. The first coat comes out quite light and very gold, but add the second coat and the khaki shows up more.

I would say that the colour looks like antique brass with a hint of shimmer. Very unusual to say the least! I was tempted to get 'Mash' but this stood out a lot more.

The finish of this colour is glossy and - like all NARS products - the depth of colour/pigmentation is amazing. In total I have 3 NARS nail polishes - Orgasm, Arabesque & Desperado - and I've got my eye on 'Schiap' (hot pink) and 'Bad Influence' (a gorgeous deep taupe/mud shade).

Each one costs £13.50 from NARS or SpaceNK and you can check out 'Desperado' here.

Do you wear NARS nail polish? Which shade is your favourite? x


  1. WOW - this colour is so unique! X


  2. Wow what an unusual colour, very wearable though, I really like it. Jude xx @jadlgw

  3. i like that one a lot! i had orgasm but gave it away lol


  4. i havent tried any NARS polishes, but that color looks amazing! i've never seen anything like that..


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