Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dermalogica Exfoliating Face Brush - First Impressions...

I got my Dermalogica Exfoliating Face Brush in the post today from and here it is!

I also got 5 free samples...

Exfoliating Body Scrub, Exteme C, C-12 Concentrate, Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque & Ultrarich Body Cream

This is a real bonus of the site. You get to choose samples from a huge selection and the more you spend, the more samples you get! They are also offering free 1st Class Recorded Delivery and my order took about 2 days to arrive, so all-in-all, I'm impressed!

So, back to the brush!

I used it this afternoon and I was pleasantly surprised. The bristles are super-soft and the handle/design makes it easy to hold, even when wet. It didn't really lather my cleanser more than usual, but it did seem to drive it a bit deeper and provide a light exfoliation at the same time. I then removed any residue with my Eve Lom Muslin Cloth. As an aside, I love this cloth! I bought a pack of 3 from SpaceNK and I don't use anything else to remove cleanser from my face. I don't think a few splashes of water does a proper job! ;)

I decided to buy this brush as I was looking into getting a Clarisonic Mia. However, I found just as many negative reviews as I did postive ones, so I wasn't entirely convinced that I should get one. I then went on MUA (Make Up Alley) and someone did a review on the Dermalogica Exfoliating Face Brush. She wrote that she'd heard it was "the poor man's Clarisonic" and that she decided to buy one on that basis! The reviews on the brush were a lot more favourable, so I thought I would get one and see for myself. I have only tried it once so far, so I will have to try it for a couple of weeks before I notice any difference.

On a different subject, I have just painted my nails with Topshop nail polish in 'Voltage'...

I took quite a few photos to try and capture the blue in this polish, but it's very difficult as it's so dark! I applied one coat of 'Under & Over' as a base coat, two coats of 'Voltage' and then another coat of 'Under & Over' as a top coat. The result is a glossy dark blue with a high-shine finish. Perfect!

I'm going shopping tomorrow, so I think I will team this with my new beige wool coat from ZARA, skinny jeans & my tan leather knee-high boots. Oh, and my gorgeous patent-taupe Marc by Marc Jacobs Turnlock bag! :)

Hope you're having a great Saturday x

Friday, October 29, 2010

LA Stone Therapy Massage...


Sorry... I turned into 'Meg Ryan' for a minute! ;)

In other words, the LA Stone Therapy Massage I had last night was amazing. Seriously. There is no other word for it.

The treatment lasted 1 hour and involved a full body massage with hot stones. Bliss! :)

To start with, a blend of oils was applied, followed by a massage involving the hot stones. The knots melted from my shoulders and neck and the smell of the essential oils used was both intoxicating and relaxing.

During the massage, a hot stone was placed in each of my hands and then afterwards, a large stone was placed under my shoulder and two more stones were placed (one in the middle of my chest and another near my stomach).

The massage was done in stages and after each area had been done, I was covered in a warm towel. Zzzzzzzz!

The final part involved a head massage, with oils being massaged into my scalp and through my hair. I must confess that this panicked me, because I thought 'eek! oil in my hair!' BUT, it did rinse out!

I cannot recommend this massage enough... It was one of the salon's 'October Specials' and was £28 instead of £40.

This morning, I woke up feeling refreshed and energized. I could also still smell the essential oils (which fully absorbed into my skin with no greasy/oily residue) and my skin felt so soft. I was advised to 'up' my water intake, so I have been drinking a bit more than I would normally, plus extra mugs of green tea to help clear any toxins. Get me being all healthy! ;)

The salon I went to was 'James Colmer Hair & Beauty' and they are based in Marnhull, Dorset. They do not have a website, but if you are ever in the area, make sure you go to see Jodie Coles for one of these massages! She also offers manicures, pedicures, tanning, etc. They also stock Lily Lolo make-up (a limited range, but products can be ordered if you ask) and L'Oreal Professional & Bed Head/Catwalk hair products. I go to see Kim every 4-6 weeks for a colour & cut and I refuse to go anywhere else! Her prices are great and she always does an amazing job. She always makes my colour look natural and when I decided to have a fringe, she did it for me. Basically, this is my one-stop-shop for pampering!

It's Friday! Have you got any plans for the weekend? x

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kerastase Elixir Ultime... Prepare For A Rave Review!

I finally got my hands on this today...

Lets admire the (future) Holy Grail! :)

I saw this advertised a few months ago and immediately thought "where can I get it? where? where? where?"!!

Sadly, the advert was a bit of a tease and when I looked online I discovered it wasn't coming out until October! Grr! ; )

Well, time does indeed fly, because whilst browsing (I should be on commission due to the number of mentions they're getting from me!) I saw that it was their new product of the week! Even better, they had it for under £28! I think it's supposed to retail for about £33, so this was a good saving. As an extra bonus, they had free delivery, so I just had to have one!

For your money, you get a 125ml pump bottle. The 'Elixir' is a luxe blend of four precious oils: Maize, Argan, Camellia & Pracaxi and it claims that you can use it in four different ways...  

before shampooing (as a pre-cleanse product to prepare the hair)
before blow-drying (use as a leave-in conditioner)
after blow-drying (finishing touch)
daily routine (for dry hair that needs added control and nourishment throughout the day).

This is probably just their way of justifying the high price tag, as what they've just described can be said of pretty much any other serum! However, the blend of oils is unique and I doubt that they would be allowed to make such bold claims without anything to back it up.

Kerastase is a big brand and they have a good reputation for quality products. I know - without any doubt - that their shampoo I've switched to (Bain Oleo-Relax) is amazing and like no other shampoo I've tried. It's oil-based, but it produces a light lather that rinses clean in no time. I like it so much that I have ordered another bottle! I have never done that with a product that I've only used twice before, so this is saying something!

With the Elixir, I think I'll try it each way to see what works best for my hair. With winter coming up, I want to be prepared!

Have you got a bottle yet? Is there a particular way that works best for you?

I also ordered a Leighton Denny Foot File... I know, super glamourous, right? ; )

The packaging is nothing special - just a clear plastic cover - but it's what's inside that counts!

I have got a Ped Egg, but I find it a bit gross... It works, but I find it such a faff to use. So, before buying the Kerastase Elixir, this file came up as a 'why not buy this?' product next to my basket. Damn them, I got sucked in!!!

I will try it tonight and see how it compares to the Ped Egg. I had a 'Bliss' pedicure once and the Diamond Foot File they used was brilliant. At £39 for a basic one, it's a real treat (especially for something that you use to remove dry skin ;) but I am seriously considering getting one (or asking very nicely at Xmas!)

This was a good price - less than £6 - and it looks like a more expensive product, so I shall see!


I'm going to have an 'LA Stone Therapy' Hot Stone Massage tonight and I CAN. NOT. WAIT! I have been working longer hours recently and I can really feel the knots in my neck and shoulders mounting up. It'll be the first time I've had a massage like this and it is just what I need. Expect a blog post if all goes well!

Hope you're having a great week so far... It's almost the weekend! x

Monday, October 25, 2010

Topshop Grunge Nail Polish Review!

I bought one of Topshop's new nail polishes from the other day and this is 'Grunge'...

It's a gorgeous mix of khaki & gold shimmer and it looks amazing! I applied two coats and it dried in no time... No streaks/patches, just gorgeous colour! I think it's the perfect shade for this time of year and it makes a change from the usual 'nude' shades I wear. The brush is really easy to use and ensures quick coverage. The bristles are soft and don't 'drag' through the colour as you apply it, so this impressed me, as I have found that with other polishes before and it makes application a lot more time-consuming.

I applied one coat of Topshop's 'Under & Over' as a base coat, 2 coats of 'Grunge' and then 1 coat of 'Under & Over' as a top coat. This is another nail product that I can recommend... I've never been keen on 2-in-1 products before, but this is really great! It costs £5 and is a clear polish that doubles as a base coat & top coat in one. As a base coat it made a nice, slightly glossy surface to paint on and as a top coat, it added a nice shine to the colour. I have only tried it with 'Grunge' so far, so I will have to try it with other, non-Topshop polishes to see if it works just as well. If it does, then it firmly replaces my Nails Inc & Creative Nail separate top & base coats!

At first glance 'Grunge' looks green-black, but in the light the green really shows through! The gold shimmer is nice and light - it's not overly sparkly - just a nice hint of shimmer to amp up the khaki.

The bottle is also different to the usual Topshop bottles. It comes in a black triangle cardboard case and the lid is dark grey with tiny black dots. It also cost £6 instead of the usual £5. I haven't seen this colour in store, so it may be an 'online only' product.

To be honest, I wasn't really expecting such a great result from Topshop nail polish. I have read mixed reviews on the make-up range, but I was taken in by the packaging & great colours and I just couldn't resist!

On a recent trip to Topshop, I also got 'Voltage', which is a dark blue. I am stocking up on dark polishes for winter and I think I will check out Topshop's range when I am looking to get more!

What do you think of Topshop's range of nail polish? Are you currently sporting 'Grunge'?

Hope you had a great Monday! x

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Current Hair Care Products...

Sorry for the long gap in my posts... Am I forgiven? Yes? Well, then I will continue! ...

I have always had long hair. From when I was 11 and able to sit on it, to now, I have always loved having long hair. However, keeping it looking great is a daily challenge!

My hair currently comes down to about 3"-4" above the base of my back (I'm 5ft7") and it's a mix of darkest brown with a shot of black (thanks to my amazing hairdresser & L'Oreal Quazi Colour!) You can see the colour in one of my photos, but this is a rubbish photo and doesn't do my hair (or profile) any favours! I also have an eye-skimming fringe and layers, so on a good day it can resemble Kim Kardashian and on bad one, Morticia Adams-meets-hedge! On those days, a hat is a must! ; )

So... I am upping my hair care regime this winter. I am sticking to the colour and cut, but I am needing intensive conditioning right now. Therefore, I am trying new products and what I am using seems to be working, which is...

* VO5 Hot Oil (one tube on the lengths/ends before shampooing)
* Kerastase Bain Oleo-Relax (shampoo)
* Goldwell mask twice a week, Kerastase Oleo-Relax Slim masque once a week and Aveda Rosemary Mint Conditioner once or twice a week

I then follow with these styling products...

* Kerastase Nectar-Thermique (I am still loving this amazing leave-in product and cannot see myself getting bored of it any time soon!)
* L'Oreal Tecni.Art Liss Control+ serum
* L'Oreal Elnett hairspray (currently loving the 'Cheryl Cole Limited Edition' can!)

That may sound like a lot of products to use, but when your hair is long and quick thick like mine, it needs a lot of care and attention. It seems to be paying off though, because I don't seem to get split ends and my frizz has practically gone. I think this is down to the Kerastase shampoo, which is really luxurious and I saw a difference after the first time I used it. This was another purchase from and one I shall be re-purchasing when I run out!

I have placed an order for more hair care products that I have been wanting to try. One of these is the new Kerastase Elixir, which is a serum that can be used before or after washing for an intensive treat, so I cannot wait to try it!

Do you change your hair care products in winter? What are your secrets to staying gorgeous and glossy despite the extremes of cold weather and central heating?

Happy Saturday! x

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Ramble!

So it's Friday... at last!

I had a day off so I spent it shopping. What can I say? I need my retail therapy fix! : )

A new Topshop store had opened and I had to check it out. It's been a long time coming and I was not disappointed. The store was larger, bright & stocked a small selection of their own-brand make-up. Considering it was a Friday, the store was packed! A mental 'to buy' list was made and I am now lusting after...

* a pair of 'DOLLIE' over-the-knee suede buckle boots
* fur mittens
* new mini hot water bottle with knitted cover
* chunky knitted tights


Think I will stop there, as the list is pretty long! It would actually be easier to say what I don't want! ; )

A return visit is planned for the very-near future, so watch this space!

I'm also loving TK Maxx right now. If you have the time and the patience, you can pick up some amazing bargains. In the past I have found grey skinny 7 For All Mankind jeans for £11, Stella McCartney for Adidas trousers for £20 and Marc Jacobs perfume for £16!!! You don't always get great finds like these, but as they get new stock in every week, you never know what you will get. If you've never been to one of their stores before, I recommend that you start with one particular area and work your way round the store in sections. It's easy to get distracted and waste time going back and forth! I usually start by looking through the cosmetics, then clothes, etc. The store I usually go to is quite a small one and only has one level, so it's not too bad. The one in Cardiff is a different story - it's absolutely huge! If you live near that one, you are really lucky : )

River Island started their sale yesterday, both online and in store. I don't think I'm alone when I say that they always seem to be having a sale! Their last one has not long ended and I'm sure the same things get peddled out every time in the hope that no-one will notice! WELL I DO! ; ) For example, I saw a strapless silky top that I know for a fact has been put out in their past two sales! Sort it out, River Island! You will never sell me a top like that when it's (a) nearly winter, (b) old stock & (c) at a higher price than it was last time!

As I mentioned Topshop above, is there any particular item on your wish list?

Hope you're having a great Friday! x

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I'm sorry for the lack of posts this week... I have been super-busy! Therefore, please accept my apologies and this post! ...

The Make-Up Look I Am Loving Right Now!

So this is me! : )

Excuse the hair, I just wanted my fringe out of my eyes.

This is my 'look' most days and I tend to reach for:

* MAC Face & Body Foundation in 'C1'
* Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation Powder in 'Blondie'
* Lily Lolo 'Flawless Silk'
* NARS blush in 'Deep Throat'
* Lily Lolo 'Star Dust' shimmer powder

* MAC kohl liner in 'Smoulder' (inner top lash line only)
* Rimmel mascara (new lash-lengthening one!)

* Body Shop lip butter (loving Shea right now!)
* MAC Lip Erase in 'Pale'
* MAC lipstick in 'Myth'
* NARS lipgloss in 'Turkish Delight'

This is what my make-up looks like after a few hours wear.

A full, just-been-done look would have the addition of glossier lips and groomed eyebrows. I also have a fringe and my hair is normally a lot sleeker, I promise! : )

I just wanted to get a photo of me uploaded here to show how the NARS blush works with the Lily Lolo products.

This leads me onto...

My Eyelashes & Eyebrows!

The first photo shows my natural, un-groomed eyebrows and my lashes with one coat of the new Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara in Black. Doesn't it make them look natural and fluttery? ; )

I have been wearing this mascara every day for about 3 weeks now and I have noticed some improvement. When applied, it really makes my lashes look long, clump-free and lush! The wand is easy to use and really separates lashes. I highly recommend it! This photo also gives a close up on my make-up (as described above) ...

and this photo shows my eyebrows after!

This is how I like my make-up... Fresh, natural, groomed & glossy, with a hint of shimmer to give me a glow!

For this look, I used Benefit Instant Brow pencil in 'Med/Dark'. You only need a few light strokes and then comb it through (with the brush provided, not a hair comb!). I then brushed through a few quick strokes of Benefit Speed Brow, which is a brown-tinted gel that helps to keep your eyebrows in place all day. It goes on as a gel, but dries to a natural finish. I am planning on purchasing similar products from MAC to do a comparison, so watch this space!

The difference in my eyebrow before-&-after may only be slight, but that is just what I want. I don't want to have Katie-Price-esque eyebrows that look tattooed on & unnatural! Eek!


I am going shopping on Friday and am planning on getting some Kerastase hair products and Clinique skincare. If all goes well and I get what I want, a haul post will follow!

I'm also aiming to upload photos of my current nude lip, which will show what I use and how I apply it, step-by-step.

What is your current make-up look? Are you a natural beauty or do you prefer a more glamourous look?

Friday, October 08, 2010

Lily Lolo Update & What I Bought Today!

So... I wore the Lily Lolo powders over my MAC Face & Body foundation today and I am loving them!

I let the MAC foundation "set" for a few minutes and then buffed the Mineral Foundation Powder (in 'Blondie') over the areas that needed extra coverage.

I then dusted a light layer of the 'Flawless Matte' (a white/transparent finishing powder) over my t-zone and then I applied the 'Flawless Silk' over my entire face.

What a difference that made!!! The 'Flawless Silk' is really the key to achieving the ultimate flawless finish. In natural daylight my skin appeared fresh, flawless and natural. I have tried A LOT of setting/highlighting/mattifying powders and this combination really works for me above anything else.

It also lasted the whole day and my make-up still looked as good as it did when I applied it at 8.30am this morning, which is pretty amazing considering how warm it was today and the fact that my skin is combination!

Based on my experience today, I have just ordered full-sized versions of each one from Lily Lolo's website!

I was going to order the 'Star Dust' shimmer powder aswell, but as I have NARS 'Albatross' and the remainder of the sample pot I ordered, I will wait a while. Get me showing restraint!! ; )

I also got some other things whilst out shopping today...

'Mini Shopaholic' by Sophie Kinsella... I LOVE the 'Shopaholic' books and own every single one (plus the dvd!) and I have been wanting this for a while. WH Smith had it for just £9.49 (instead of £18.99) so it was too good to miss! I also bought Cosmo (with a free nail polish!) & Vogue. I don't buy Vogue every month, but the current issue looks pretty good so I couldn't resist!

Disney Pixar 'Up!' & 'Alice in Wonderland' (sadly not the original classic version, but the new part-animated one). Again, these are a couple of films I've wanted for a while and as HMV were doing a BOGOF (not being rude, it means 'buy one get one free'!!) I thought I would snap them up whilst they had some left.

Usual toiletries from Boots... Gillette Venus Spa razor blades (the BEST blades I've ever used!), Lemon Tooth Polish (which Paris Hilton is said to use, but I won't let that put me off!), cotton wool double-faced pads, etc, etc, etc! : )

I also had lunch at Wagamama. I had mini duck & spring onion dumplings (deep fried), japanese pickles, sticky white rice & green tea. Very healthy and tasty! I will definitely be going there again!

Sorry for the ramble! Hope you've had a great day... It's officially the weekend! : )

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Product Review - Lily Lolo Mineral Make-Up!

I have been wanting to try this range ever since I saw it at my hairdressers a few months ago. It's the only make-up range they stock and as I had to wait a while I gave it a look. Then, I forgot about it until the other day when I had another appointment! Seeing it again made me want to try it, so I had a look at their website when I got home.

The packaging is quite simple, but I like that as I would prefer a great product in plain packaging rather than great packaging and a rubbish product!

As my skin is combination at the moment, I decided to order 4 of their products. I went for the sample-sized jars, which are 5ml each and my order came with a mini brochure...

A closer look at the pots...

I really like the mini labels at the bottom - I'm so used to getting samples in plain jars that this is a real bonus!

I love the girl's make-up on the front... It looks fresh, flawless and glowing. Just what I want! The products I chose were...

Mineral Foundation in 'Blondie'...

Flawless Silk Finishing Powder...

Flawless Matte Finishing Powder...

& Star Dust Shimmer Powder...

As these arrived this afternoon, I haven't fully tried them yet. I did open up each pot (which were individually sealed) and swatched each one on my cheek! I just couldn't wait until tomorrow! : )

I will be having a shopping day with my mum & sister tomorrow, so it will be the perfect chance to try them out and see how they hold up for 8+ hours.

I plan to wear MAC Face & Body Foundation in 'C1', then apply a light layer of the foundation powder followed by a dusting of 'Flawless Matte' over my T-Zone. Next I will finish with 'Flawless Silk' to blend and create a flawless finish. Finally - phew! - I will apply my favourite blusher (NARS) and then try a dusting of 'Star Dust' over the top. It sounds a bit of a faff, but it won't take long to apply.

Each pot only cost £1.25 each and delivery was £1, so for £6 I can try out each product before deciding whether or not to buy the full-sized ones.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for a good result tomorrow!

Have you ever tried Lily Lolo? Is there one particular product you swear by?

Have a great evening... it's nearly the weekend! x

Product Review - Goldwell Color Extra Rich 60sec Treatment (Mask)!

I tried this mask for the first time today and I am seriously impressed!

It's from their 'dualsenses' range and this is the 'color' 'extra rich, 60sec treatment' mask. For your money you get a 200ml pot. The packaging is typical of any salon-only brand and it looks the part with a glossy lid and a shimmery red label. You instantly get the impression that it's not a cheap product!

I got this from '' for £7.70 (with free delivery!) after I received an email from them. When I opened it, there was a huge advert for Goldwell along with an offer to win an Apple iPad with any purchase. As I was looking to get a new hair mask - and I really, really, really (yes, really!) - want an iPad, I thought I would take a look. I chose this mask purely on the description...

Instantly feel and see color brilliance and extra care for demanding color-treated hair through the Brilliance System with Pomegranate Extract & UV Filter combined with the Instant Microfluid Technology. Ultra-fast color maintaining intensive care treatment. Restructures the hair in just 60 seconds for visibly more brilliance and a smooth, well nourished hair feeling.

Sounds pretty good, right?

So this morning, I shampooed using my usual (& current fave!) L'Oreal Professional Vitamino Colour and then applied this. As my hair is long, I tend to comb any conditioner through and I did on this occasion.

As soon as I applied it, it seemed to melt into my hair and I could tell the difference immediately. Normally, I have to apply quite a bit of conditioner to cover all my hair, but with this a little seemed to go a long way.

When I finished rinsing, my hair felt strong and looked shinier (even when wet!) so I was already thinking I will repurchase when this pot runs out!

Here's what it looks like...

It smells like raspberries and it's not overpowering or sickly. In fact, I would say it smells exactly like the L'Oreal Professional mask!

When I dried my hair it was noticeably softer and shinier and I'm sure it made drying time quicker. I did also use my Kerastase Nectar Thermique, so perhaps I have found my HG hair products? Time will tell!

I will definitely continue to use this maybe 2-3 times a week and see if it has any better-with-every-use benefits. There will be a follow-up post if it does!

Have you tried any Goldwell products? Is there one particular product you would recommend?

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Product Rave & Review - Kerastase Nectar Thermique!

I have been a big fan of Kerastase products for a few years. When I had blonde highlights a while ago, I swore by their range of products in the pink packaging. They cost a small fortune but "I'm worth it!" (sorry!)

Now, my hair is a lot darker, which is closer to my natural colour and a lot easier to maintain! However, I am constantly on the hunt for products that increase shine, reduce frizz and make my hair look Kim Kardashian-esque!

I mentioned this product in one of my earlier posts, but as it's so good I thought it deserved a post of its own.

It's not strictly for coloured hair, but if you find you are constantly using a hairdryer & straighteners to dry your hair, then this might be worth a look. The bottle states that it's for dry to very dry hair. You could always do what I do and use a shampoo for coloured hair - I'm currently loving L'Oreal Professional Vitamino Colour - and then this as a styling product.

It's from Kerastase's Nutritive range and its called Nectar Thermique. It's a light gel-cream that provides nourishing care to your hair with extract of Royal Jelly to smooth and protect. It's a leave-in formula, so I just apply it to my hair after shampoo and conditioner and before using the hairdryer/straighteners.

I bought this from and it cost £15.70 (free delivery!) It's normally about £18.80 in salon's, so it's a good deal. For that you get a 150ml tube, which should last quite a while, as you only need a hazelnut-sized amount each time.

I have to say that from the very first time I used it, my hair was a lot sleeker and softer. It also virtually eliminated frizz! I have tried a lot of heat styling products that claim to do just that, but this is the only one that actually lives up to the claims.

I'm dying to try the Caviar treatment and the new Elixir from their range - they are expensive, but promise super-luxe results, so I think I will have to ask "Father Christmas" extra nicely for those this year!!! : )

Have you tried Nectar Thermique before? Are there any Kerastase products that you swear by or can recommend?

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Nail Polish of the Day!

I have had this nail polish for a few months and last night I decided to open it and use it for the first time!

This is a special edition colour that was produced as a freebie giveaway with InStyleInStyle Candy". magazine (UK only, I think) and it's called "

It's opaque, glossy and on in two coats - perfect! It also dries to a nice finish, but I topped it off with Nails Inc Caviar Top Coat.

When I paint my nails, I tend to use quite a few products. My routine generally goes like this...

* 2 thin coats of OPI Nail Envy Maintenance - a great product that really works!
* 1 coat of Nails Inc Caviar Base Coat
* 2 coats of my chosen nail polish
* 1 coat of Nails Inc Caviar Top Coat (the one that claims to dry in 45 seconds!)

I then tend to wait about 30 minutes before using a bit of Creative Nail Solar Oil, which smells yummy and really makes a difference to cuticles, nails & drying time of nail polish.

As I tend to do my nails in the evening (usually in front of the TV!) I will apply hand cream before bed. Right now I am loving Aveda Hand Relief (cue *schoolgirl snigger*!) It has a light, relaxing scent and is moisturising without being greasy. It's a little pricey for a full-sized tube, but if you're looking to try it, you can get a travel-sized tube for about £4.50. I also love their foot cream, but that's for a different post! : )

I think I will wear this for a few more days to see how long it takes before it chips - none so far! - and then I will wear another colour.

I am seriously tempted by the new nail polish from NARS called Mash. It looks like an amazing mix of khaki-green & gold, so I think I might have to order it soon! I'm not normally a fan of green nail polish, but this looks like an amazing shade for Autumn/Winter.

What's your current favourite nail polish? Are there any products you swear by?

Hope you're having a great Sunday! x

beauty products on my wish list!

There are so many beauty products on my wish list!

I am forever reading magazines or browsing online and lusting after some new beauty product.

Currently, the items I want - in no particular order, I don't care which one I get first! - are...

Clinique Stay Matte Pressed Powder
I have tried the Double Wear powder, but thanks to my T-Zone, it's not quite good enough to set my foundation for the day. I'm going shopping in the next few days and I intend to swatch/purchase. I can't decide between "Stay Beige" and "Stay Buff" so I will definitely check out both and compare - I do not want to look like I should be working in Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory! : )

By Terry Baume de Rose
I have lusted after this for ages - thanks to "lollipop26"! - but I have never got round to buying it as my nearest SpaceNK store always seems to be out of stock (and I want to test it first!) It claims to plump, moisturise and leave lips looking full. Yes please! : )  I think I will have to get this once my La Mer The Lip Balm runs out.

*  Marc Jacobs Perfume
This is always on my "most wanted" list, as it smells AMAZING! I love gardenia-scented fragrances and this is such a light, wearable perfume. Every time I wear it I get compliments from people wanting to know what it is. I'm currently wearing "Lola" and "Daisy" but quite often, I find myself lusting after his classic scent.

*  A new pair of GHD's
I have had a pair for about 6 years and they have always given amazing results. But, me being me, I want a new pair! Preferably white or pink - I don't care which!!!

Rodial Glamtox Night
I am coming to the end of my current pot (I think I have about 2 weeks of product left - boo!) and I really want to continue using it. Fingers crossed Xmas might come early!

MAC Eyebrow Pencil & Clear Brow Gel
I have been meaning to try these two products for a while now. The colours always look so natural and wearable. I have had a couple of makeovers from MAC counters in the past, but every time I have gone in there to buy lipstick/gloss/foundation/everything under the sun(!) I have always forgotten about these things. Must try harder and remember next time!!

I'm sure there are many more - my list grows week by week! - but those things always seem to come to mind lately.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your views on them?

Hope you're having a relaxing Sunday xx

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Magazine Freebies!

If you live in the UK, Marie Claire & InStyle magazines are giving away great free gifts this month!

Marie Claire are giving away a choice of 2 Ciate nail polishes and InStyle have a choice of 3 L'Occitane hand creams. The nail polishes are full-sized and come in two shades of red - burgundy and tomato red. The hand creams are worth £7 each and smell amazing!

I managed to restrain myself and only get 1 nail polish and 1 hand cream, but I am tempted to go back and get the rest.

Did you manage to get any of these great freebies? Were you constrained or did you splurge?

In the issue of Glamour Magazine I've just received (hurray for subscriptions!) they say they're giving away nail polish by Nails Inc next month... Roll on 4th November when it hits newsstands (or my doormat!)

Happy Saturday! x

My Favourite Beauty Products - Right Now!

Okay, I'll admit it...

I am a HUGE beauty product junkie! I love anything that claims to brighten, boost, highlight and perfect! I am always on the hunt for products that give a "lit from within glow" and I'm a real sucker for great packaging!

I have so many products that don't get a mention here, but listing them all would take way too much time! Perhaps I will upload a photo of it all one day   : )

Anyway, here's a few of my current obsessions...

Rodial Glamtox Night - this is AMAZING! It works at night to plump skin, erase hyperpigmentation and reduce pores - yes please!
MAC Cleanse Off Oil - a real wonder at removing make-up and it doesn't contain any Mineral Oil
Clarins Beauty Flash Balm - great make-up base and really works!
Eve Lom Rescue Mask - refreshes and works to clear problem skin within 15 minutes

Aveda Rosemary Mint Conditioner - smells amazing and is a great, light conditioner (even on my long hair, which is no mean feat)
Kerastase Nectar Thermique (Leave In) - makes blow-drying a cinch and is the only product I've found that fights the frizz!
GHD Iron Oil - a light spray of this over dry hair before running my GHD's through it = hair heaven!

MAC lip gloss in Florabundance - a fabulous lipgloss which gives a great hint of nude/pink - Kim Kardashian is a fan, which is all I need to hear to make me want it!
MAC lipsticks in Myth & Creme d'Nude - THE perfect nude lipsticks (for me anyway!) - they are both great colours if you're new to nude lips. Myth is a satin/slightly matt finish and Creme d'Nude has a more glossy sheen. I like to be indulgent and wear both at the same time!
NARS Blush - great blushes that allow you to build up the coverage, yet always look natural 
NARS Albatross - a vanilla-shimmer pressed powder that gives an amazing highlight finish to your make-up. Worn over a NARS Blush really amps up the WOW factor!
Rimmel's new lash boosting mascara - I have only been wearing this for 2 weeks and in that time my lashes look longer, so who knows how long they will be in another 2 weeks!

These products were found after much trial and error. They are not suitable for everyone, but they're certainly worth a try. I would always recommend doing research before buying any beauty products.

If you're looking to purchase any of these items, I really recommend that you go to your nearest beauty counter and ask for a tester/trial of the product before you part with your hard-earned cash. It's awful when you have spent a lot of money on a product only to get it home and it's not what you expected it to be.

What are you current beauty lust-/must-haves? Is there one item you cannot live without?

I would love to hear your comments!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Hello, this is my first post!


Welcome to my blog! This is the first - of many! - posts on this, my brand new beauty blog!

I hope you will enjoy what I have to write and if you have any comments or links to your own blog that you would like to share, please leave a comment. I will try to reply to any questions you may have and I look forward to reading any blogs you link to.

Please check back soon, as I will try to write post every day - with photos!

Thanks for checking out my blog... I will update it soon!

Catherine x
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