Sunday, September 04, 2011

My favourite thing to do on a Sunday...

Aside from the usual mundane things (washing, tidying up, etc) I love nothing better than grabbing the iPad2 and looking at items on my favourite websites. Today was no exception! I ordered this from

This fabulous poncho is part of their new collection. I tried it on when I went to Bristol on my birthday back in July and loved it. For some reason, I didn't buy it then, but I kept thinking about it.

I'm so glad I waited until today, because when you sign up to receive their newsletter you get 25% off (one item only). Sold :)

You just tick the box to say you want to receive their newsletter and then you get an email with your code. Simple!

This poncho is a bargain already at £24.99, but it came to just £22.64 including delivery with my discount :)

It comes in 2 other colours and I think it's the perfect thing to wear with jeans for a day out shopping. If you want to snap one up and get a great discount, just go to x

Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday... I got my NARS Acapulco candle delivered to work on Friday and I love it. Blog post on it will follow next week :) I also ordered a Benefit They're Real mascara (which was waiting for me when I got home on friday) and I love that too :) As I didnt go anywhere special this weekend, it was nice to relax and do some online shopping.

How did you spend your Sunday? x


  1. I want that poncho so much, it's gorgeous and perfect for autumn xx

  2. Ohhh - can't wait to see your outfit post with it! X

  3. @Toni... Just what I was thinking :) I looked at the other colours, but this is my favourite! x

    @Mademoiselle Lala... Thank you - watch this space :) it looks great with skinny jeans! x


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