Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birthday Haul - New Perfumes!

As I may have mentioned (about 20 times...) it was my birthday on 25th July. To celebrate, I spent the day shopping in Bristol. I planned on going to Bath on my way home, but I just could not be bothered!! I was all shopped out (this rarely happens to me, I can assure you!) so I just decided to come home.

I ended up buying quite a bit thanks to being given money for my birthday, so here's the first part...


With a bit of my birthday money, I bought these 2 amazing perfumes.

I have wanted 'Oh, Lola!' for a couple of weeks now and as luck would have it, House of Fraser launched it on my birthday. It was obviously meant to be mine ;)

I chose the 50ml bottle

This is the first day that the bottle has come out of the box! That's because I was also given a sample spray, which I have been using. It's almost too nice to use!

The box is on the left and the cardboard sleeve is on the right.

I also got this amazing gift bag

This photo does not do it justice! To give you an idea of its size, I was able to fit the perfume box, plus other bags inside. They only had a few and as I was their first customer to buy this perfume I was given one free.

It came with a small piece of rock, which I don't want to eat!

I think this carrier bag will hang on my mirror with the sweet untouched inside ;)

My second perfume was from Jo Malone

I bought 30ml of Nectarine Blossom & Honey and it is amazing. Light, fresh, almost juicy, this is THE perfect summer fragrance. I originally planned to get Orange Blossom (which is also a favourite) but this won.

As I just couldn't decide which one to get, I sprayed one wrist with this and the other with Orange Blossom. Individually they are gorgeous, together they smell even better. Therefore, I shall be going online this weekend and buying the Orange Blossom. I need both!!! ;)

It came in a gorgeous box, complete with black tissue paper and gift bag

I'm planning on keeping both of my perfumes boxed - something I always do. I got the Jo Malone perfume in Harvey Nichols. Although the section is small, they have lots of lovely products on display and the staff are very helpful & welcoming. If I could, I would buy lots of their candles and have them all over my flat. Bliss!

In addition to the perfumes, I bought goodies from NARS, Creme de la Mer, TopShop, Boots, Origins, TK Maxx and Dermalogica. Everything I wanted from the new MAC collections was sold out, so for once I didn't buy anything there. I also swatched the NARS blush powders I was after and they were a bit disappointing. So, I decided to spend my birthday cash elsewhere :)

Have you bought either of these perfumes or are they on your wish list? x


  1. That bag is gorgeous!! Sounds like you had a great day shopping! Happy belated birthday! xx

  2. the bottle looks pretty! I'm in need of new perfumes..just haven't decided which..Happy Belated Birthday btw :D

  3. This Oh, Lola pack looks awesome! I just love when you get some freebies when you buy something. ;)

    And again - Happy Birthday! X

  4. They are both on my wishlist as you know! ;-) I am really chuffed for you but a tad green at the corners oh I want I want!! :D

    How beautiful is the Oh Lola packaging, the little bag and the rock make it extra special don't they?!

    Wow - happy birthday - you so deserved these treats!

    Nic xx

  5. @Mybutterfly63... thank you! :) x

    @Katie... thank you! :) I really recommend these 2 lovelies x

    @Mademoiselle Lala... me too! can't beat a great freebie! ;) thank you x

    @Strawberry Blonde... you may have mentioned that once or twice ;) haha! thanks hun :) x


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