Tuesday, July 05, 2011

July Empties...

No, not the alcoholic type ;) These are the toiletries I've managed to (finally) use up during June/July...

Here we have:

* LUSH Sweetie Pie jelly (small pot)
* Sure 48hr cream deodorant
* Sanctuary Foaming Bath Soak (full-sized bottle)
* OPI Nail Polish Remover
* Johnson's gentle eye make-up remover
* Body Shop Spa Wisdom Afrique Ximenia & Salt Scrub
* WEI eye cream

Some of these products have been lingering in my drawer/bathroom for ages and I wanted to use them up in order to free-up some space.

Will I be repurchasing any of these?

I absolutely love the Body Shop scrub... give it a sniff next time you're in the store and you won't be disappointed. It also gives the best intensive exfoliation (especially on dry skin) and skin is left smooth & glowing. It's also a good buy at £15 for a 350ml tub. If you don't live near a store, it's available online. They also do a 'Hands & Feet Butter' and a 'Body Butter' with the same scent, which I also have, although I use them sparingly because I hate to run out!

The shower jelly from LUSH is great too. I chose to get the 100g pot as I hadn't tried any of their shower jellies before. I have to say that I love it... although it's a pain rinsing glitter out the bath! ;) I used just 1 large teaspoon of jelly per bath and I think I got 8 baths out of it. You don't need a lot to get tonnes of bubbles, so a little goes a long way.

The deodorant is a regular purchase. I also buy the Dove 48hr cream, which is - in my humble opinion - a better deodorant. Nothing beats it for keeping me dry all day, no matter how many shopping bags I carry! ;)

I also use the OPI nail polish remover regularly. Although it costs £7.35 for 120ml (from Boots), it's a great remover and is really gentle on both natural & acrylic nails. The smell is not as strong as other removers, which is a great bonus. I like to dip cotton buds into it to tidy up any smudges and it's not drying at all.

The Johnson's eye make-up remover was bought on a whim. I was in Boots and they didn't have any Bi-Facil. I was desperate for a remover and didn't want to use wipes. This caught my eye and it was only £2.99. Whilst it's not as good as Bi-Facil, it's a close second. Like Bi-Facil, it's a dual-phase "shake it to mix" remover made of oil and water with a slight lilac tint. It contains vitamin B5 to condition your lashes and claims to remove even waterproof mascara. I don't actually wear any waterproof makeup so I don't know about that. However, it managed to remove a full set of gel eyeliner, mascara (2 coats), MAC paint pot in Blackground and a couple of other eyeshadows. It didn't take much scrubbing and it left my eyes clean. All-in-all, it's well worth £2.99 next time you find yourself out of eye make-up remover.

I've also used up my little tube of WEI eye cream. I absolutely love this cream, but as I cannot see myself parting with a whopping £60 for it, I'm hoping to get another sample.

Using up these products means that I can actually purchase some more and have room for them! The amount of stuff I have is obscene, but it's used often and very much appreciated.

I'm also sad to come to the end of my BareMinerals powder in 'Medium Beige'. As it's my birthday on the 25th, I'm planning on getting another pot. Nothing beats it for a gorgeous glow, great coverage and a natural finish.

Have you used up a bundle of products lately? x


  1. well done for using all these products up, I really must try and do something like that before I buy more!

  2. The bodyshop recently just opened up at my mall so I'm super excited! I love their products! xoxoxoo

  3. @Nicole- Top To Toe... thank you :) I've actually used a couple more since this post! I'm splurging in a couple of weeks time & need the space ;) x

    @Fashion Cappuccino... get done there & stock up! ;) x


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