Sunday, July 17, 2011

NARS at TK Maxx & Latest Hair Colour...

Yes, you read right... NARS at TK MAXX! Well, not much of it - and I don't think it's at every store - but needless to say I was amazed to see NARS on the shelf when I visited my local store yesterday.

Being NARS, I thought it would have been snapped up (although there may have been more during the week, I don't know). As I couldn't believe my eyes, I snapped up everything they had. The first item being the best...

Sheer Glow Foundation!

The shade is 'Light 6 - Ceylon' and even better? The price...

£7 flippin' 99! ;) Bargain! The icing on the cake is that the bottle looked barely touched (which is rare for TK Maxx I can assure you!) I tested a tiny bit on my hand, but I would still have bought it and made it work!

Here's a little swatch...

As I normally wear 'Light 4 - Deauville' I wasn't sure how this would compare. Thankfully, the two shades are quite similar and this works really well on my 'NW20' skin.

Ceylon & Deauville

In both pictures, 'Ceylon' is on the left and 'Deauville' is on the right. I'm wearing 'Ceylon' now and it blends into my skin really well. There are no obvious yellow or pink tones to it, so I'm so glad I snapped it up! I also got:

Eyeshadow Duo & Eyeshadow Single

These both came boxed and were also £7.99 each. Not sure why the single eyeshadow was the same price, but oh well! ;)

The duo is in the shade 'Violetta' (3061). The shade on the right is a pale pink, which has a velvet feel to it. The lilac shade on the right is a shimmery smoky lavender (it was part of the 'Douceurs de Paris Palette').

The single eyeshadow is 'Abyssinia'. This is a great base colour, which gives a light shimmer wash of beige. I would liken this to a sheerer version of MAC's 'Naked' pigment. Described by NARS as a 'delicate pearl sheen' this colour could be worn under or over pretty much anything. It's available on NARS website, which makes this even more of a bargain!

Both of the eyeshadows are shown without the flash - with it, they look totally different! This is as close as they look in the flesh :)

Moving on from make-up...

I had my hair done after work last Thursday (I love going to the salon in the evening!) I had to wait weeks for an appointment so my hair was in desperate need of attention!

As I needed to even the tone out - but had a lot of black base colour left in it - I was amazed that my hairdresser managed to transform my hair into this...

These were all taken with the flash. I love the different red/chocolate tones! She basically mixed a chocolate brown base colour with a paler red/brown shade, applied it to my roots all over and then combed it lightly through the ends.

I never thought my hair would end up with such a uniform shade all over, considering that I had black, brown, red/brown and natural roots! She is really a miracle worker and I love it. Happy hair = happy me! ;)

I'm still undecided about having blonde highlights - I might just stick to having this from now on!

Lastly, I bought some Creative Nail Solar Oil yesterday too...

I was walking to catch the train to go home and walked past a salon. This is the smallest 7.3ml bottle and it cost £6. It's been a long time since I bought a new bottle of this. It's one of those purchases that I knew I needed but I kept putting it off. Tut tut! I also need some cuticle remover, but you have to be so careful with a product like that. I might just go to a salon and indulge in a manicure :)

Finally, I went to Topshop and only got one thing...

I don't know why I love this so much, but I do!

It's super-white and cute :) It's also tiny. It measures under 1" in fact! I'm planning on wearing this with a white tee so that it just stands out.

As it cost £8.50 full price, I was happy to see this for just £3.50. The rest of the things in the sale didn't interest me, but I did see some lovely ballet flats, which were cream with a bright orange trim. They didn't have my size so I shall be looking for them in Bristol & Bath.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend :) x


  1. nars in tk maxx :O
    i want to go to my local one right now!


  2. Wow!! NARS?!?! That's SO awesome!!!!!!! :) i hope they have it at the TJ Maxxes in the US.

  3. WOW on the NARS bargains *rushes off to TK Maxx at first opportunity!!*

    Love the look of the Ceylon shade and the double shadow!

    Nic x

  4. Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!??! £7.99. I looked at least three times before that sank in! Awesome bargain! X

  5. i bought the sheer matte foundation in light1-siberia at my tkmaxx! its such a bargain glad we both found the same deal! xx


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