Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Best Blog Award!

After having to moderate my comments - thanks to some "oh-so-mature" Anonymous abuse... - it was so nice to see a comment telling me I had been awarded a "Best Blog Award"!

It's always nice to get recognition - no matter what form - and it's inspired me to renew my love of blogging. I know I shouldn't, but negative comments get me down and it's difficult not to take them personally *ahem* without further ado, here is my new award...

I love this image (and would secretly love to receive a bouquet of flowers bigger than me... ;)

This was given to me by Neelum - thanks hun! x

The rules of this award are:

1. Link back to the person who gave this to you:


2. Share 7 random things about yourself:

* I cannot eat a sandwich/wrap/baguette/bread with butter/mayonnaise/spread on it (fussy? moi?) ;)
* I would love to own a Shetland pony
* The only time I sing is when I'm in the car on my own - volume up, the works!
* I'm 29 on the 25th, yet I feel like I'm still 22 (I really must look in the mirror!)
* I have OCD tendencies and hate to see my stuff in the "wrong place"
* A Louis Vuitton 'Speedy 30' (or '35'!) & a Mulberry 'Alexa' are at top of my handbag wish list
* I frequently make "to do" lists

3. Award 15 blogs:

* www.pearlsandpoodles.blogspot.com
* www.buynowbloglater.com
* www.thestrawberryblondebeauty.blogspot.com
* www.mademoiselle-la-la.blogspot.com
* www.gabysbeautyblog.blogspot.com
* www.nicolettasbeautyspace.blogspot.com
* www.msredsbeautyblog.com
* www.straight-up-glam.blogspot.com
* www.willworkformakeup.blogspot.com
* www.thebeautyhall.blogspot.com
* www.stylefrost.com
* www.jo-shopaholic.blogspot.com
* www.mybutterfly63.blogspot.com
* www.justablogaboutbec.blogspot.com
* www.devorelebeaumonstre.com

4. Answer the following questions:

* Favourite colour: Taupe
* Favourite song: Far too many to pick just one ;)
* Favourite dessert: Cheesecake
* What is p*ssing you off: nothing I can't handle ;)
* When I'm upset, I: take a long bubble bath & read
* Favourite pet: my cats
* Black or White: Black - it's far more wearable!
* Biggest fear: again, too many!
* Best feature: my lips (with the right MAC lipstick on... ;)
* Everyday attitude: work hard and stay positive
* What is perfection: being yourself (corny but true)
* Guilty pleasure: watching re-runs of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' and 'Will & Grace'!

Phew! ;) x


  1. Thank you so much for passing this award on to me, Catherine :)

  2. you're amazingggg! xoxox

    p.s. ew to anonymous comments. if someone's going to say something rude they should at least have some balls to own up to it!

  3. @Strawberry Blonde... you're welcome! :) x

    @Tiffany... my pleasure :) x

    @nicoletta... no worries hun :) x

    @devorelebeaumonstre... thank you :) quite right - so pathetic to hide behind the "Anonymous" button! x

  4. Thank you so much for the award!! :D xx


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