Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Make-Up Haul... BareMinerals, Chanel & YSL!

Hi! Long time no see! ;) I haven't blogged as much as I'd like lately... work has been very busy and I just haven't had much spare time. Fear not, I'm here now ;)

I went shopping on Saturday and bought a few things. Here are the 3 best ones...

As I have never bought a YSL lip product before (shock, horror, gasp!) I plumped for this beauty...

This lipstick is from their 'Rouge Volupte' range. Each one is highly pigmented, super-glossy and in a range of gorgeous shades. It was tough to pick one, but I chose this one:

30 - Peche Faubourg (Faubourg Peach)

The colour is a bit difficult to photograph in the tube, so I thought I would show how it looks on...

This is without any nude/concealer base (my lips are naturally very red!) This is how it looks in natural light - no flash.

The colour is quite a bright coral/peach/nude and I love it. My husband hates it, but what do men know about lipstick?! ;)

But what to wear with such a fabulous shade? Why, Chanel of course!

I chose '307 Peach Fizz'. This is the perfect shade to wear with my new 'Rouge Volupte' :)

The colour is a bright peach and I love it. I'm planning on sporting this new combo next weekend with my new black maxi-dress (River Island, £12 in the sale, bargain!!) This will really stand out (in a good way - I hope!)

My final make-up/cosmetic purchase was some powder...

I love this powder. It's by bareMinerals and I wear shade 'medium beige'.

This is the only setting powder I've found that not only sets foundation perfectly, but it also never looks cakey, blends flawlessly, gives a high level of coverage AND imparts a fabulous glow!! Don't believe me?! Get a sample from your nearest counter and see for yourself :)

For £23 you get 8g, which is not bad considering that this little pot will last me for months (with daily use).

The pot comes with a lockable sifter too...

You just break off the section (with the small tab on it) and then you can twist it to seal afterwards.

I tend to tip a little into the lid, load a kabuki brush and then buff it into my skin after I've applied foundation. If they ever discontinue this product/shade I shall cry! (So mature, I know ;)

Have you bought any of these products? Are you a 'Rouge Volupte' addict or virgin? ;) x


  1. I am a Rouge volupe addict but it's way too pricey to be regularly getting the lipsticks :p

  2. That shade is on my wishlist!
    Great purchase :Dx

  3. @Rainy Days and Lattes... I agree :) Shame they cost so much - they're gorgeous! x

    @Rachel... thank you :) I need more! ;) x

  4. OMG What a pretty lipstick! It looks so creamy!

  5. Confused as Bare Minerals is a foundation on it's own right! Are you wearing foundation over foundation?

  6. @GABY... Thank you! It really is a great formula :) x

    @Anonymous... I am, but I apply both sparingly so it stays put all day

  7. Great Post. Have you ever tried Mineral Hygenics? I love their foundation. Much better than Bare Escentuals.


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