Saturday, April 02, 2011

I Finally Had The Guts To Do It...

As you will know from previous posts, my hair is long. Too long in fact. It was getting to the stage where I was having to tie it back and even then only a ponytail or plait would do. It was too heavy to wear pinned up all day and I was getting fed up with the lack of volume. Therefore, I went for something a little different at the hairdressers today...

It may still look long, but it now comes just past my shoulders instead of a couple of inches above my waist. I actually had 7" cut off!! This is the shortest I have had my hair since I got married in 2006.

My hair feels so much lighter and it's going to save me so much time - not to mention how much further my shampoo & conditioner will go! : )

This shows the depth of my layers. I also had a choppy side fringe and a top-up of a rich chocolate-brown colour. I'm hoping to have some caramel highlights, but as my hair has so much colour in the mid & end sections, it needs to be lifted bit by bit.

It's going to take a lot of getting used to. I actually miss my long hair. When it had just been coloured, trimmed & blow-dried, it looked amazing, but it was hard work to keep it like that. I also couldn't use any products to give volume as the weight of my hair just pulled it down. I feel lighter and better for it! : )

I was planning on doing a haul post tonight, but after having had an eventful week (to say the least), I decided to blog about my hair. I went shopping yesterday and got lots of lovely things... lots of MAC make-up, a NARS eyeshadow, Kerastase Chroma Sensitive Cleansing Balm, NARS nail polish in Arabesque, a 'Ma Bar' from LUSH, clothes from GAP, accessories from Topshop and a nail polish from ZOYA. I looked at the Topshop make-up items I wanted and they were a big disappointment... all of them had little to no pigmentation, so I spent my cash elsewhere. I'm planning on doing a haul post soon with these goodies, so keep your eyes peeled : )

Hope you're having a great weekend so far x


  1. Looks fantastic! I would love to have hair nearly down to my waist though. Every time I try and grow it it stops at boob length lol. I guess it's not meant to be! Looking forward to the haul post x

  2. I love it - the layers look fantastic and your hair looks so healthy. I have been thinking of going for quite a big chop to get rid of all my dead ends but i can never muster up the courage! Well done sweets x

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous! It looks glamerous and healthy you lucky duck! Wish i could grow my hair out! I had waist length hair, and had it cut to a chin length bob about 2 years ago and it's only just at my shoulders hahaha!! xx

  4. @Clare@Eyelining... thanks :) It took no time at all to grow that length, but it wasn't as thick as I'd like. Haul post will be done soon! :) x

    @Rainy Days and Lattes...thanks hun! :) x

    @Joanna Louise... you should go for it! I was scared when I saw all the hair on the floor, but I love how light it feels now. It's both frightening & liberating! :) x

    @Hannah... thank you! That was brave of you - I don't have the guts or features to carry off a bob ;) I miss it & I don't miss it (that made sense in my head!) I love how I'll be able to use volumising products now & they'll actually make a difference :) x

  5. AHHHH your hair is on some serious shine waggon : ) gorgeous xx

  6. Your haircut looks great! It is definitely more voluminous this way and the length looks good on you! =)

    Andrée xx

  7. @Miss Jones... thanks hun :) that was with no shine product too! Dark hair does reflect shine better than blonde hair, but it can just as easily look dull :) x

    @Straight Up Glam... thanks hun! I'm still getting used to it being 7" shorter!! :) x

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  9. @woyujune... thank you! :) I'll try ;) x


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