Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Flat, New Make-Up Storage!

To make up for the shocking lack of blogging, this is my way of making it up to you. Thank you for continuing to follow my blog and leave lovely comments - I will try and do better! :) We are now settled in our gorgeous new flat, I am really enjoying my new job and I am getting used to the 5.45am alarm call during the week! (I need to be at work by 8am, so it's essential!) So without further ado, I hope you enjoy my latest post...

Before I moved, I had a massive clear-out. Once I had established what I was keeping, I decided to purchase some new storage for the items I was keeping. As I am keen to find the perfect drawers, I decided to get these from Argos until I find them (please excuse my bag of underwear propped against them!) ...

This is not full-sized btw ;) At just £12.99 each, they were a bargain and they (just!) keep all my items.

There are 6 drawers in total and I keep 2 baskets on top...

These contain my skincare essentials (left) and the basket on the right has Aveda Hand Cream, my Ped Egg, deodorants, face wipes & 2 hair-bands. I also store my jewellery chest on top and my Clarisonic.

The first drawer contains hair products...

There's 2 more layers of products underneath these, so despite being compact, each drawer holds a lot!

The second drawer contains perfume, sample sachets & (randomly!) a couple of pens...

As you can see, my perfume collection is all Marc Jacobs! I have Lola Velvet, Gardenia Splash, Daisy and Lola purse spray (in the pouch). The sample sachets are all Dermalogica. As I have got rid of so many perfumes, I have room to buy more ;) I have my eye on a couple of scents from Jo Malone and Tom Ford Black Orchid. I think I can justify getting them seeing as I have some room ;)

The third drawer below stores nail varnish, buffers, files, etc...

I sold about 15 bottles of nail polish before I moved and this is what I was "left with" ;) I didn't part with any of my NARS or CHANEL polishes, just the "fashion" colours that I just didn't wear.

Then there are the drawers on the right! The first drawer contains body products...

I have a few things left over from LUSH (Snow Fairy, It's Raining Men and Sweetie Pie), Aveda Rosemary Mint Hand & Body Wash, body lotions (Body Shea Whip, Sanctuary Body Butter, Kiehl's Creme de Corps), body scrubs, shower gels (Bliss & Original Source) and a new pack of Gillette Venus Spa Breeze razor blades. See how much fits in one drawer? :)

The middle drawer is where I store misc body products & skincare items...

I keep my back-up stash of Liz Earle products in here along with other bits & pieces that I couldn't get in the other drawers. The blue bottle with the clear lid (bottom right-hand corner) is from Rodial and it's called Skinny Beach (love the name!) It's a tanning lotion and it was a total bargain at just £5 in the TK Maxx clearance sale!! It hadn't been used either, so I can't wait to slather it on this summer :)

Finally (*deep breath*!) the bottom drawer is where I keep my make-up...

On the right is my MAC lipsticks & lipglosses. On the left, I keep my blushers and compact powders (they're a bit dusty from where I dispense my Bare Minerals powder - oops!) I got rid of a lot of things (and used up a few things that were almost empty) so this is what's left.

This is pretty minimal (for me!) but from now on I will only be buying good quality (i.e. non-drugstore). I find that cheaper make-up irritates my skin, so I am no longer going to waste my money on cheap items. I only ever end up using them once and then getting rid of them because they just don't work. I daren't think of all the money I've wasted over the years!!

Lastly, the magazines in the UK are giving away some great freebies right now. This happens every so often and this time Harpers and Glamour have given away some great things.

First up is Harpers...

Out of the 3 colours they were giving away (one bottle free per issue) I chose this red (Viva La Diva) and a gorgeous taupe (Supermodel).

These are 2 of Leighton Denny's best-selling shades and I have wanted Supermodel for a long time. I saw it on QVC (don't judge me!) and it looked so glossy and gorgeous. I lemming towards any taupe shade, so I knew this had to be mine :) I got Viva La Diva first and have been wearing it all week. It's a lovely red with a hint of tomato, so you need this if you're looking for a classic red. Each issue of Harpers cost £4.20 and the polish is worth £11 (both are full-size).

Lastly, Glamour really came up trumps...

Every so often, Glamour give away Benefit products. First there were lipglosses (many years ago!) and then recently the pencils. This time they've excelled themselves and gave away mini bottles of High Beam, Posie Tint and Benetint.

I decided to buy High Beam and Posie Tint, as they are my favourites. It takes me ages to get through a full-sized bottle, so these should last a while. At just £2 for the magazine, they're certainly worth it. I'm tempted to buy another one of each and get a Benetint to complete the set!

Did you get any of these great freebies? x


  1. Great storage and we have v similar taste in perfume! :D
    Happy new home! x

  2. Great idea's you really look after your things, I,m a bit guilty of throwing things around and then I wonder why they brake so easily! Great choices as well.xx

  3. Great job w/the organizing!! :) I do this every once in awhile and I do have many makeup and skincare in drawers like that :) I love your perfumes too!

  4. Just wanted to take this moment to say thanks for recommending Liz Earle cleanse and polish. I've used it every day for five days now and really love it!
    Also, thanks for showing the leighton denny polishes, I have their glass file but have never tried their polishes. I'll keep my eyes peeled for that mag.
    I too got Posie Tint and High Beam. A woman laughed at me for throwing away one of the mags in the nearest bin outside the shop, but I didn't want to carry two copies home - I was tired... oops.
    Anyway, thanks for blogging,
    Ruth x

  5. Love these posts :-) Hope you are settling in, we are moving house so I have all this to come :-)x

  6. @Strawberry Blonde... thank you! :) I really must get a new bottle of Daisy - there's only a few mls left! :( ;) x

    @VodkaandRoses... haha! I'm afraid I have the opposite problem - I keep things in their original packaging!! :) x

    @Rainy Days and Lattes... thanks hun :) I'm really looking for a gorgeous vintage-looking set of drawers made of wood, but I haven't found them yet! x

    @Ruthy... you're welcome - I'm so glad you like it! When we moved I had to use face wipes for a couple of days (I hate living out of boxes!) and my skin broke out :( C&P cleared it up in no time! I'm also guilty of chucking the magazine away if I buy more than one - oops! ;) x

    @Catherine... good luck with your move - I feel for you! So glad it's over and done with! :) x

  7. I love posts like this - thank you so much for sharing! There's nothing better for me (except shopping :P) than to see/stalk others and check out their make up/clothes at home. I know - I'm weird! ;)

    Anyway.... I also got the same Benefit goodies like you. And just like you I'm also tempted by Benetint to complete the set, but I know that the color is too intensive for me... ;) X

  8. Love this post, you are organised. I have all my makeup very neat but my skincare etc is a bit of a shambles so i could do with a sort out. Love how you keep most of your makeup in the boxes i throw them away immediately lol x


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