Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Photos & A *Little* Wish List!

Happy Sunday everyone! I won't waste time waffling... here are some photos...

Mug of White Tea

This photo just doesn't show how massive this cup is! I got it from Laura Ashley and it's flippin' huge! :) I would say this is an oversized teacup (rather than "greedy woman's mug")! My brew of choice was Clippers Organic White Tea. Just the thing to help digest my breakfast :)


Although shy around other people, in front of the camera he is a show-off! I discovered (after a trip to the vet to get his talons, I mean claws, clipped) that he is part Abyssinian! Again, this photo does not show how massive he his. The other part of him is Mackerel Tabby and I love him. Princess by name, Princess by nature!!

New Flat

This is the view from my sofa... The top window is taller (by about half) and it floods light into the flat. We also have this type of window in the bedroom :) The wicker dome is Princess' bed/carrier basket and is made of wicker. It's the only one he can fit in! The blue oversized footstool was a gift from my mum and it came from Habitat. The flat is gorgeous and life is good - it's certainly been a long time coming I can assure you! :)


A Little Wish List

I love the jeans, but I can't decide between pink and turquoise! I think I shall try them on before making a decision. The contrast between the pink and beige looks great and I love how unique it would look with some skinny jeans. I hope it's as nice on! Lastly, I love the t-shirt for one obvious reason ;)

This scarf is gorgeous and just £16 from Topshop! It reminds me of another scarf I'm lusting over from Louis Vuitton, but until I have a spare £500, this will have to do!

MAC Magically Cool really appeals to me. I'm not sure which shade I'll get, but I'm more than willing to spend time swatching to find out!

I need to find more work trousers (after ruthlessly getting rid of all the size 12 ones which are far too big!) and now I only have 4 pairs! I'll go to ZARA, Topshop & GAP to try and find more pairs - wish me luck! ;) I also need to visit LUSH and stock up on Bubble Bars :)

I'm going to Reading next weekend and plan on visiting The Oracle shopping centre. Have you been there? Is it a good place to shop? x


  1. Your cat is too cute! I've been looking around for some trousers, cotton ones though, as it gets really hot and humid here. H&M have some really nice ones but my size has disappeared! The pink zara trousers are gorgeous!

    Hope everything's going well in your new flat :)

  2. Princess really DOES look like a Princess! And she is certainly pampered like one - that's one huge cat's relaxing spot! :)

    Please show us the pics of the whole flat (when you'll have time of course - I know how it is when you move places)! I love seeing how others live, it's just my little weird thing (and yes, I do buy all these Your Home etc. magazines!). ;) X

    I bought nice pink skinny jeans in Primark for £10. I'm wearing them in a couple of my posts if you want to see them.

    P.S. Also, I'm having a new giveaway - check it out!

  3. Gorgeous scarf! It will look good w/everything i think :) Your cup of tea makes me feel so happy! I love Laura Ashley designs and soaps and this teacup is so precious :) Your cat is SOO cute! Looks like mine!

  4. I LOVE Zara, you're making me sad because I'm on a spending ban...
    the colour pop jeans are great
    and your cat is so cute haha

    ELIZA x

  5. @Carla... The new flat is great thanks! I'm trying to find some new trousers, but I keep being swayed by coloured skinny jeans (which I can't wear to work!) :) x

    @Mademoiselle Lala... He certainly is!! I'll try and upload some pictures as soon as everything's sorted out x I bought some Primark skinny jeans once and they went baggy at the knee! :( x

    @Rainy Days and Lattes... That's exactly how I will justify buying it! ;) The cup is huge, but I really recommend it for those lazing-on-the-sofa days :) x

    @Eliza... oh no (spending bans suck!) I hope you can go shopping soon :) x

  6. Ohhh I just want to give little Princess a cuddle!


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