Thursday, December 02, 2010

By Terry Baume de Rose Review...

I got a pot of this on Sunday (as a Xmas present, yippee!) and I have been using it without fail every night since.

Why oh why didn't I get this sooner? It is truly amazing and I actually look forward to putting it on after I've taken my make-up off at night.

This is my beloved little pot...

I got it from SpaceNK in Bath and the girl that I spoke to about it was so friendly and she really knew about the products (but not in a 'buy this, this & ooh, this!' type of way). She also confessed that she dabbed some on her lips every morning when she came to work! As the pot is quite expensive, I can't say I blame her :)

The smell of roses is apparent, but not in an overwhelming way. I don't mind the scent, whereas some people hate it.

The balm itself is a pretty milky-pink...

Excuse the reflection in the lid - it's just plain, I promise! When applied, it creates a nice sheen and lips immediately feel nourished and pampered :)

A few dabs of this balm is all you need, unless you're feeling very indulgent ;) I have been wearing this at night as it's described as a treatment rather than a bog-standard lip balm. Well, they do have to justify the price tag somehow I suppose!

For your money you get a 10g pot, which should last a few months. I actually got this at just the right time. I had a tiny (but still very annoying) patch of chapped skin at the corner of my mouth, which really spoiled the look of my lipstick and hurt when I yawned! Yes, I laughed too :p  I tried 8 Hour Cream, Vaseline & Body Shop Lip Butter but all to no avail. I'd still wake up and it would hurt like hell :( So, when I got the Baume de Rose, come Sunday night I was slathering it on like a woman possessed! I've read great things about this balm, but the skeptic in me thought I would try it and see for myself.

WOW! It didn't exactly perform a huge miracle, but something great happened. On Monday morning, my cracked skin didn't look so red and certainly didn't sting as much as it did. I then decided to apply it every night and now it is my little ritual every evening (remove make-up, brush teeth, coat lashes in L'Oreal Lash Serum, apply generous layer of Baume de Rose)! Fast-forward to Thursday and my patch is almost gone. This is something that NONE of my other balms/lotions/potions managed to do so I am very impressed and totally in love with it. So much so that I am thinking of using my free £10 N.centive (thank you SpaceNK!) towards my next pot! I was using Creme de la Mer The Lip Balm as a nightly treatment up to now, but this has been firmly replaced.

Have you tried this balm? Can you share a miracle of your own? x


  1. Bought this yesterday using my ndulge voucher and also from Bath! Yes it is expensive but having tried so many other cheaper things I've probably spent as much on those.
    My lips were terrible and it was really getting me down but already I see an improvement.
    Some other reivews mentioned that you do need to use it for a while to see marked results so I am hoping things get even better!

  2. That N.dulge bonus was a great gift wasn't it? :) I bought some NARS nail polish with mine!
    I know what you mean... I must have tried a hundred lip balms but nothing compares to this. I've been using it every night for the past few weeks and it's made a world of difference. I love it and I must get another pot soon!
    I love the Bath SpaceNK store - the staff in there are lovely & they stock quite a lot for such a small shop. I hope they never close! :)
    Catherine x


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