Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NARS Orgasm Nail Polish Review...

I have been wanting this nail polish for ages, and today I finally got it...

This is Orgasm by NARS...

I ordered it from SpaceNK and thanks to their N.centive (free bonus!) of £10 and a great promo code I found, it cost just £3 including delivery! *happy dance* :)

& here it is out of the box...

I'm also wearing it in this photo. Excuse the quality, but with the flash it looked too pale/washed out.

The colour is a beautiful peach with a fine gold shimmer. It's lighter than the blusher & The Multiple versions of this product, but it's a gorgeous shade nonetheless.

I have just applied it and I love it already. I know it's far too early to make such a bold decleration about a product, but I will make an exception with this one!

I applied 3 coats and this is how it looks with the flash...

& without...

The shade actually is more like the 'without flash' photo in the flesh, as the flash picks out the gold too much.

If you want to achieve an opaque finish, then you will need at least 3 coats. For a sheer 'pop' of colour, then 1 will be enough. I decided to go with a more opaque finish as I'm personally not a fan of sheer colours (unless it's a French Manicure pink).

A full sized bottle of this (15ml) costs £13 and I can really recommend SpaceNK if you are planning on buying it.

If anyone asks which shade I'm wearing, I might just lie and say 'it's by NARS'! This will save their blushes and mine! ;)

My order also came with 2 free samples, which was a great bonus...

Serge Lutens L'Eau perfume (1ml)

& Wei Tibetan Chrysanthemum correcting eye treatment pads (1 pack, 2 pads)

These were great samples! I love it when a company sends extras with your order :)

I have never tried either of these products before, but a quick look at SpaceNK's website told me that the perfume is £84 for 50ml and the Wei pads are £44 for 10 sachets (which each contain 2 pads) so that sample only is worth £4.40! Considering my whole order only came to £3, I was amazed that they included such great samples.

Have you tried this nail polish before? Have you received any great samples with a SpaceNK order?

If you would like the promo code I used (it gave me £5 off, which took care of their delivery charge) then please email me. I hope it will still be valid and that you too will save like I did :)

Happy Xmas! xx

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