Friday, December 10, 2010


So, it's Friday and I am pleased to report that I am doing well in using up my products :)

Since Tuesday night, I have managed to use up almost all of the two Body Shop scrubs (thanks to my over-generous application!) as well as huge quantities of the Body Shop shower gels as bubble bath!

I also used some Palmers' Cocoa Butter body lotion and have a tiny bit left. I used to like this product a lot. Now? Not so much. Compared to lotions such as Kiehl's Creme de Corps or Clinique Deep Comfort Body Moisture, it just doesn't compare. For example, I applied the Palmers' lotion all over last night and when I woke up this morning, my skin didn't feel any different :( This was a big disappointment as I always - without fail - get great results from Kiehl's & Clinique. The smell was really noticeable and that was the best thing about it ;)

However, as a foot lotion, it was good. Perhaps it didn't work as well as I thought because my skin wasn't that dry? Who knows! I'm glad to be using it up and will be pleased when the last little bit has gone :)

The Body Shop scrubs I used (Brazil Nut & Shea Butter) both did a good job, but are two different scrubs in terms of consistency. The brazil nut one is a creamy scrub with crushed nut shells and the shea butter one is a oil-based scrub that's a lot rougher than the brazil nut one. Both are really moisturising, but the shea butter one gives a better exfoliation due to the sea salt & sugar.

I was very generous with how much scrub I used as I want to get them used up! I also feel that for the size of the tub and the brand they're a bit expensive at £12 for a 200ml tub. This may sound cheap, but you do need quite a lot to achieve a good result and if you only get 3 full-body uses per tub, then it becomes expensive. This is very different to the Clinique Sparkle Skin scrub I'm now favouring, as you only need a small amount of that so the tube I have will last a while.

I still have quite a way to go, so fingers crossed I will see it through and not give up and throw everything out!!

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