Friday, December 17, 2010

Topshop Pillar Box Nail Polish Review...

This is a nail polish I mentioned in a post earlier this week. It's the tenth colour I have bought from Topshop and I love it!

Here is how it looks on...

This is one of Topshop's newest shades and it's called 'Pillar Box'

The above photo was taken with the flash on and in natural light it's a little darker. In just 2 coats you get a rich opaque red with a glossy finish.

A full-sized bottle costs £5 and it is a cinch to apply. I used 'Under & Over' as a base & top coat and I'm sure this goes a long way in helping the colour to 'stick'.

These are my own natural nails. I used to wear acrylic nail extensions years ago, but I now have my own nails and I couldn't be happier :) It took a long time to get them like this (2 years to be exact) and now I love the fact that I can maintain them myself and not have to get infills every 2 weeks! Yes, my nails grow that fast :) My nails are now strong, healthy and I have totally lost my urge to nibble them! Besides, if I started biting one, it would ruin all my hard work so I think of that anytime I am remotely tempted ;)


This is now my favourite red. As I have a 'cool' skintone, some shades of red look plain weird on me, but I love this. Topshop also sell other shades, but I was drawn to this one. Fingers crossed my local store will stock more shades of red soon as some of the others on their website look very interesting.

If you're looking for a new red nail polish to try - very festive! - then look no further than this.

Check out this polish here!

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