Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Friday, Another Haul...

Despite the rain, I decided to brave it and head to the shops! I know - that's how dedicated I am! ;)

My first purchase was this dressing gown from Marks & Spencer...

If you read this weeks' Heat magazine, then you will recognise this as the dressing gown that Cheryl Cole was spotted wearing!

I have been after a new dressing gown for ages as my old pink Topshop one is cosy but it's getting a bit tatty and my other ones are too thin/short for Winter. It was time to ditch the old one and get a new one!

It comes in 2 different lengths (standard & long) and the sizes are 8-10, 12-14, etc. I got the 8-10 Long and it was £25.

It's VERY cosy and warm - I tried it on over my pj's when I got home and I felt warm in about 2 minutes! It's also nice and long, so it's perfect for this cold, miserable weather. This was the last one (in 8-10) at the M&S I went to, but I think they still have it in stock on their website. Although the label says 8-10, I am more of a 10-12 and it is perfect on me. I love it!

I also got some Bare Escentuals Eye Make-Up Remover...

I got this as I had a £5 giftcard and this caught my eye. It was normally £10, so getting it for just £5 was a bargain! It's a dual-phase oil & water formula that you shake up before applying to a cotton pad. I haven't tried this before so I'm hoping it will be a great dupe for Lancome's Bi-Facil. However, my hopes aren't high as I've just read some of the reviews on MUA and some of them are not very complimentary - eek!

Finally, one of my favourite shops, TK Maxx, came up trumps again with this bargain find...

Eggnog Latte by Philosophy

This is an amazing product by Philosophy and (shock, horror!) it smells like an eggnog latte - what could be more festive than that?! The bottle is pretty big (473.1ml) and as it was the last one I snapped it up. It cost £7.99, which was a great price as it's normal about £14. It's one of their famous 3-in-1 products, but I shall be using it as a bubble bath and savouring every drop. In fact, tonight I shall be having a bubble bath with this, reading the latest issue of ELLE and then wrapping myself up in my new M&S dressing gown - bliss!

Strange coincidence, but I also went to Starbucks and tried one of their Eggnog Latte's - it was delicious and I think I may become addicted very quickly! :)

How are you spending your Friday night? x

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