Thursday, November 18, 2010

Topshop Airplane Nail Polish...

I've had this nail polish for a couple of weeks now and tonight I decided to use it!

So this is Airplane. I applied 2 coats and this what it looks like with the flash. Without the flash it is a bit darker - think royal blue. In the bottle, it looks like a cornflower blue, but it dried darker.

I'm finding this with Topshop nail polishes lately... for example, Sketch looked like a dark grey/chocolate mix, but when I applied two coats, it actually went almost black! I'm not sure if this happens with any of their lighter colours, but the darker shades certainly dry a lot darker than they appear in the bottle. Don't get me wrong, the shades are all lovely, but I was a bit disappointed with Sketch. On the plus side, their polishes seem to last about a week before they start to chip - and I only seal the colour with one coat of Topshop Under & Over - so that is a major plus.

If you're looking for a new shade for winter, then give Airplane a try. I was getting a bit bored of the usual grey/black/dark shades and wanted to try something different. I shall wear this for a few days and see I get on with it. I'm not normally a fan of blue nail polish, but this is a gorgeous colour and I really want to like it. If it doesn't match anything I wear over the next few days, it shall be replaced!

Have you purchased this shade yet? Are you favouring blue as a shade for Winter? x

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