Thursday, November 04, 2010

My New Hair Colour & The Lipstick I Wear...

So, this is my hair after my appointment today...

I had an all-over-colour (L'Oreal Quasi Colour) and a cut. Excuse the pose - I took so many photos and was only happy with this one!

This colour is pretty close to my natural colour, but I love how it adds depth and warmth.

It's a mix of two shades, the darkest brown mixed with brown-black. I also had 2" taken off the length and 1" off my layers. I don't get split ends (thank you hair products & diet!) but my hair can get wispy if it gets too long without trims in between. My hair also grows VERY quickly - I'm talking about 1" every couple of months - and that's in winter! In summer, it can grow quicker, with my fringe in my eyes in less than 2 weeks. My nails are the same. I can easily trim a few mm off every week! Anyway, I digress...

The picture shows my hair before using my GHD's. I got home from the hairdressers and applied 2 pumps of Kerastase Elixir before giving it a blast with the hairdryer. It's really shiny and glossy, but to completely eliminate the last trace of frizzies, I need my GHD's! Before I go out tomorrow, I will use them and my look shall be complete ;)

The photo also shows my current lipstick & gloss combination - here's a close-up!

I'm wearing MAC 'Myth' lipstick topped with MAC 'Florabundance' lipgloss. It took me a long time to find my perfect nude lipstick and a few glosses to mix & match with it, but it's worth it as I can create a range of nude/nude-pink looks for any occasion/mood.

My lips are naturally very red, but this combination really works to create my perfect nude lip. To me, this really looks Kim-Kardashian-esque, which is exactly what I look for when I buy any nude lipstick or gloss!

If I want the look to last all day, I apply 'Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream', wait for it to sink in and then apply a thin layer of MAC 'Lip Erase' in 'Pale'. Once that has 'set', I then apply 'Myth' and a gloss.

I'm going to get some new MAC products in about 2 weeks' time. I'm looking to get another 'Myth' lipstick plus a 'Underage' lipgloss. There are lots more items on my list, so a blog post with pictures will follow as soon as I have got them. I really cannot wait, as I love going to MAC :)

What's your perfect combination to create nude lips? x

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