Friday, November 19, 2010

Skincare Product Wish List...

Like any other beauty product junkie, I am constantly looking to get my fix of new products :)

Every week/month, I buy Grazia, ELLE, Marie Claire, InStyle, Vogue, Cosmo and Glamour   magazines and diligently scour the beauty pages. They always make everything look so glossy & chic and I can't help getting sucked in!

I also check out other beauty blogs and make a note of any products that get great reviews. Two such products caught my eye recently and now I really want to get them.

The first one is by Dermalogica and it's their Skin Resurfacing Cleanser, which is part of their Age Smart range. This product is exactly what I'm looking for! Right now, my daily skincare cleansing routine consists of Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 and then I use a small amount of Neutrogena Grapefruit Scrub with my Dermalogica Exfoliating Face Brush. I then follow with toner, serum, eye cream, moisturiser, etc. With the Dermalogica SRC, it's a 2-in-1 product that cleanses and exfoliates. Yes please! Anything that promises double-duty results immediately grabs my interest. The only downside is that is seems quite pricey for a cleanser... about £34 for 150ml. Now, that's the suggested rrp for this product and I know there are places online that sell it for less. BUT, after a few past bad experiences with buying full-sized products, I now tend to buy a smaller bottle or obtain samples first. To me, that's just good common sense. How are you supposed to know if you'll get on with a product if you don't try it first? My only complaint with Dermalogica is that samples can be hard to come by and they don't sell trial sizes individually (not in the UK anyway). If they did, I would be rushing out right now to get some! I'm sure this particular cleanser is sold as part of a kit, but I'm only interested in trying this particular product.

I did have a look on eBay, but I don't really trust sellers on there who sell products too cheap or if they only provide a stock photo and the bare minimum of information. If I'm going to buy something online, I want to see an actual photo of the product. Stock photos can be misleading, as you don't know exactly what it looks like. You could just take their word for it, but that's risky. I know that not all eBay sellers work like that, but I've heard some horror stories from friends, which makes me wary. One example is that a couple of years ago, a friend bought a salon-sized bottle of Dermalogica Cleanser and paid about £48. When it arrived, it was just a large pump bottle filled with cheap green hand soap, yet it had all the Dermalogica labels!! When she tried to claim her money back, the seller had shut up shop and disappeared. She eventually had the money returned to her by eBay/Paypal, but she had been stung big time.

Anyway! ...

On Dermalogica's website, this cleanser is described as:

A dual-action exfoliating cleanser containing Lactic Acid that smoothes, re-texturizes and delivers ultra-clean skin. Use of this cleanser prepares skin for maximum penetration of AGE Smart™ active ingredients. Contains no artificial fragrance or colour.

Sounds great, doesn't it?

If this does the job of my Neutrogena products and delivers the same (or better) results, then it shall become my regular cleansing product. This would actually save me time and I would use it with my Dermalogica Face Brush.

I wish Santa existed so that I could add this to my Xmas List! But apparently (so I'm told) 28 is too old to be writing to Santa! ;)

My second product is Bioderma Sensibio Cleansing Water.

This product is really difficult to get hold of in the UK. The only place I could see if for sale - without sky-high P&P - was on eBay.

It comes in two sizes, 250ml or 500ml, and it is a water-like cleanser that removes make-up.

I would love to try this product as I have read great reviews about it. Apparently, most make-up artists have this product in their kit and swear by it. You don't need to rinse it away either, just apply some to a cotton pad, gently wipe over eyes/face to remove your make-up and then get straight onto the next step (cleansing) or re-apply make-up as required.

Products like this immediately grab my interest. I love the idea of just grabbing one bottle of product and a load of cotton wool pads and then completely whipping off all the days make-up in a few swipes! I sometimes find removing make-up a real chore, but there are certain products - like these - that make the process quick and therefore enjoyable :) The last thing I want to do is lapse my skincare routine and just reach for a wipe. I enjoy using skincare products and want to stick to a regular routine. If a product becomes too fiddly/time-consuming to use, I get bored quickly and just think 'sod it, I'll use a wipe'. This is fine for those occasions where I don't have much time, but I like to remove my make-up properly before I go to bed.

Have you tried either of these products? If so, do you have any recommendations on the best place to buy them?

Happy Friday! x

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