Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fat Girl Slim is WANTED!

I am officially addicted to this amazing product...

FatGirlSlim by Poetic Cosmetics/Bliss

I have mentioned this product a couple of times before in previous posts.

The jar is 170g and I like the fact that I can just scoop some out and slather it on! I normally prefer a pump dispenser, but for this product I like to scoop :) It makes the process much quicker and you don't end up with product all over the lid.

I only have one complaint... the pot doesn't last very long! I bought this about 3 weeks ago and it's now all used up :( I have only been applying it to one area, twice a day, so I dread to think how quickly it would have been used up if I had applied it everywhere!

The only other downside is the price... for example,on it tends to be around the £28 mark. So, if I was to be a bit more conservative and use it a bit more sparingly, that would mean £28 a month - ouch. Over a year, that would mean spending £336 on toning my bum!! On that basis, it would be cheaper to take out a gym membership!

BUT, I do not want to join a gym (yet). I enjoying using this product too much and the results are so quick. Seriously. After just one week there was a notable difference. I have never had that with any other firming product before, in spite of their grand claims. This product is truly something else and in a league of its own.

So, my dilemma is this...

Where, oh where, do I purchase this product in a large quantity? If anyone can tell me where I can get this in bulk - at a good price - then I would be very interested. I have looked on eBay but I'm not sure if the pots on there are genuine as the price is about half of the rrp. Now I wouldn't normally complain about this, but as the pots do not come pre-sealed, I can't be assured of when/if the product has been opened. I have also looked at buying it from the States, but with shipping & taxes that's an expensive option.

I absolutely love this product and do not want to stop using it - EVER! All jokes aside, if I could use this by the gallon every day, I would.

I only needed a little improvement on a certain area and this product has done the trick. I just wish that I had discovered it a lot sooner as it has become one of my HG products.

Any help with my dilemma would be hugely appreciated! x

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