Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Sunday Haul!

I can only apologise for the delay in this post... I was too tired on Sunday and too busy yesterday! Now, I am all caught up and here it is!

On Sunday I went shopping (I know, pretty unusual for me, right? ;) I couldn't resist a quick look at the sale in River Island and picked up a few items. I got a cute skirt (which will look great with black tights!), a black studded & jewel cuff, a black & crystal scarf/headband and a beige ruffle dress. The whole lot was only £12, which was a real bargain!

I also went to TK Maxx and got something that I have wanted to try for a long time...

Fat Girl Slim by Bliss!

Best of all it was in the Clearance section and was a bargain at just £8! It's normally about £28 online, so I was 'chuffed as nuts'! :) I have applied it about 4 times and I really like it so far. It smells nice, absorbs quickly and doesn't take long to dry. Result! The box states that it has to be applied twice a day for 60 days to visibly improve skin tone and texture, so we shall see. And no, you do not get to see any before/after pictures! ;)

I also went to Topshop and got these 2 nail polishes...


I think that this is a dupe for 'Paradoxal' by Chanel. It's a mix of grey & purple and is the perfect colour for this time of year. At £5, it's also a lot cheaper! Sorry about the slight blur, but I had to upload one without the flash, as with the flash it came out too light. I think I will apply it soon and a photo will follow.

& Airplane...

This is a gorgeous cornflower-blue. I'm not normally a fan of blue nail polish, but this spoke to me! I think it might dry a bit darker than it appears in the bottle, but that's ok, as it's such a pretty shade I don't mind! I haven't worn this yet either, but as soon as I do, a photo will follow.

I also got a 'Balm' & a 'Polish'...

On the left is the 'Balm' in 'Dew'. It's a lip balm that has a light vanilla scent and I find that it makes a great base for lipstick.

On the right is the 'Polish' in 'Poetic'. This is a pink-tinted gloss/balm that also has a light vanilla scent. It can be worn alone or with lipstick and has a slight glittery finish.

The 'Balm' was £4 and the 'Polish' was £6, each pot is 3.5g and I love the packaging!

The scent of both reminds me of Bloom lip balm, and the pigmentation of the 'Polish' is quite sheer. I think I was expecting a bit much as I was hoping for a MAC dupe of some sort, but sadly it falls short. I will use them both up as I like them, but I'm not sure if I will repurchase.

Have you tried any of these products? x


  1. @Liasbubblebath It all looks great doesn't it? I think I need to get more! ;)

  2. Yeah me too, I love the Topshop packaging. I'd love to try the lip balm!

  3. @Cafe Bellini ... You should! The lip polishes also come in other colours so why not get a few? ;)


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