Friday, October 08, 2010

Lily Lolo Update & What I Bought Today!

So... I wore the Lily Lolo powders over my MAC Face & Body foundation today and I am loving them!

I let the MAC foundation "set" for a few minutes and then buffed the Mineral Foundation Powder (in 'Blondie') over the areas that needed extra coverage.

I then dusted a light layer of the 'Flawless Matte' (a white/transparent finishing powder) over my t-zone and then I applied the 'Flawless Silk' over my entire face.

What a difference that made!!! The 'Flawless Silk' is really the key to achieving the ultimate flawless finish. In natural daylight my skin appeared fresh, flawless and natural. I have tried A LOT of setting/highlighting/mattifying powders and this combination really works for me above anything else.

It also lasted the whole day and my make-up still looked as good as it did when I applied it at 8.30am this morning, which is pretty amazing considering how warm it was today and the fact that my skin is combination!

Based on my experience today, I have just ordered full-sized versions of each one from Lily Lolo's website!

I was going to order the 'Star Dust' shimmer powder aswell, but as I have NARS 'Albatross' and the remainder of the sample pot I ordered, I will wait a while. Get me showing restraint!! ; )

I also got some other things whilst out shopping today...

'Mini Shopaholic' by Sophie Kinsella... I LOVE the 'Shopaholic' books and own every single one (plus the dvd!) and I have been wanting this for a while. WH Smith had it for just £9.49 (instead of £18.99) so it was too good to miss! I also bought Cosmo (with a free nail polish!) & Vogue. I don't buy Vogue every month, but the current issue looks pretty good so I couldn't resist!

Disney Pixar 'Up!' & 'Alice in Wonderland' (sadly not the original classic version, but the new part-animated one). Again, these are a couple of films I've wanted for a while and as HMV were doing a BOGOF (not being rude, it means 'buy one get one free'!!) I thought I would snap them up whilst they had some left.

Usual toiletries from Boots... Gillette Venus Spa razor blades (the BEST blades I've ever used!), Lemon Tooth Polish (which Paris Hilton is said to use, but I won't let that put me off!), cotton wool double-faced pads, etc, etc, etc! : )

I also had lunch at Wagamama. I had mini duck & spring onion dumplings (deep fried), japanese pickles, sticky white rice & green tea. Very healthy and tasty! I will definitely be going there again!

Sorry for the ramble! Hope you've had a great day... It's officially the weekend! : )

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