Sunday, October 03, 2010

Nail Polish of the Day!

I have had this nail polish for a few months and last night I decided to open it and use it for the first time!

This is a special edition colour that was produced as a freebie giveaway with InStyleInStyle Candy". magazine (UK only, I think) and it's called "

It's opaque, glossy and on in two coats - perfect! It also dries to a nice finish, but I topped it off with Nails Inc Caviar Top Coat.

When I paint my nails, I tend to use quite a few products. My routine generally goes like this...

* 2 thin coats of OPI Nail Envy Maintenance - a great product that really works!
* 1 coat of Nails Inc Caviar Base Coat
* 2 coats of my chosen nail polish
* 1 coat of Nails Inc Caviar Top Coat (the one that claims to dry in 45 seconds!)

I then tend to wait about 30 minutes before using a bit of Creative Nail Solar Oil, which smells yummy and really makes a difference to cuticles, nails & drying time of nail polish.

As I tend to do my nails in the evening (usually in front of the TV!) I will apply hand cream before bed. Right now I am loving Aveda Hand Relief (cue *schoolgirl snigger*!) It has a light, relaxing scent and is moisturising without being greasy. It's a little pricey for a full-sized tube, but if you're looking to try it, you can get a travel-sized tube for about £4.50. I also love their foot cream, but that's for a different post! : )

I think I will wear this for a few more days to see how long it takes before it chips - none so far! - and then I will wear another colour.

I am seriously tempted by the new nail polish from NARS called Mash. It looks like an amazing mix of khaki-green & gold, so I think I might have to order it soon! I'm not normally a fan of green nail polish, but this looks like an amazing shade for Autumn/Winter.

What's your current favourite nail polish? Are there any products you swear by?

Hope you're having a great Sunday! x

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