Monday, October 25, 2010

Topshop Grunge Nail Polish Review!

I bought one of Topshop's new nail polishes from the other day and this is 'Grunge'...

It's a gorgeous mix of khaki & gold shimmer and it looks amazing! I applied two coats and it dried in no time... No streaks/patches, just gorgeous colour! I think it's the perfect shade for this time of year and it makes a change from the usual 'nude' shades I wear. The brush is really easy to use and ensures quick coverage. The bristles are soft and don't 'drag' through the colour as you apply it, so this impressed me, as I have found that with other polishes before and it makes application a lot more time-consuming.

I applied one coat of Topshop's 'Under & Over' as a base coat, 2 coats of 'Grunge' and then 1 coat of 'Under & Over' as a top coat. This is another nail product that I can recommend... I've never been keen on 2-in-1 products before, but this is really great! It costs £5 and is a clear polish that doubles as a base coat & top coat in one. As a base coat it made a nice, slightly glossy surface to paint on and as a top coat, it added a nice shine to the colour. I have only tried it with 'Grunge' so far, so I will have to try it with other, non-Topshop polishes to see if it works just as well. If it does, then it firmly replaces my Nails Inc & Creative Nail separate top & base coats!

At first glance 'Grunge' looks green-black, but in the light the green really shows through! The gold shimmer is nice and light - it's not overly sparkly - just a nice hint of shimmer to amp up the khaki.

The bottle is also different to the usual Topshop bottles. It comes in a black triangle cardboard case and the lid is dark grey with tiny black dots. It also cost £6 instead of the usual £5. I haven't seen this colour in store, so it may be an 'online only' product.

To be honest, I wasn't really expecting such a great result from Topshop nail polish. I have read mixed reviews on the make-up range, but I was taken in by the packaging & great colours and I just couldn't resist!

On a recent trip to Topshop, I also got 'Voltage', which is a dark blue. I am stocking up on dark polishes for winter and I think I will check out Topshop's range when I am looking to get more!

What do you think of Topshop's range of nail polish? Are you currently sporting 'Grunge'?

Hope you had a great Monday! x

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