Friday, January 28, 2011

Chanel Black Pearl & Peche Nacree Nail Polishes... They're Mine!

I posted about this fabulous nail polish collection 3 weeks ago and it was for sale on CHANEL counters in the UK today! :)

I originally reserved a set of all three: Black Pearl, Pearl Drop & Peche Nacree. However, when I went to the department store to collect them, I looked at Pearl Drop again and I just thought 'I'm really not going to wear this!' It's a nice shade, but if I got it, it would only be sat with my other polishes and to be honest, there are better things to spend that money on! So, I stuck with Black Pearl & Peche Nacree :)

My nail polishes came in a lovely CHANEL carrier bag...

It has gorgeous black rope handles and it will be hung up on the shelves that I store my skincare & nail polishes on :)

Onto the best bit... the nail polishes!

Here's '513 Black Pearl

This is how it looks without the flash, which really doesn't do it any justice!

Here's how it looks with the flash...

Wow! It's such a gorgeous colour :) Although the shade is called 'Black Pearl', the polish is actually a beautiful deep green with a silver shimmer running through it. I can't wait to try it.

Here's '515 Peche Nacree'...

This was taken without the flash, as with it the colour looks too pink. The colour of 'Peche Nacree' is a gorgeous peach with a light shimmer. I absolutely LOVE peach/nude/pink shades of polish and this is no exception.

Each bottle cost £17.20 (thanks to the rise in VAT in the UK!) and for that you get 13ml of polish. I don't know about you, but I love the boxes the polishes come in and will definitely be keeping mine in them...

The lady that served me on the CHANEL counter said that they only received a few of each of these colours and that most of them had been reserved already! I'm not surprised that this is the case... the colours are fabulous and CHANEL nail polish collections are always popular and tend to sell out quickly. There are rumours that these colours will become part of the permanent collection, but the saleswoman told me that this is not definite and might happen.

I also managed to get a 'Cosmopolitan Beauty Blender' today! I have been on the hunt for one for the past couple of weeks and when I saw it, I snapped it up :) I got it from Superdrug and they only had 3 left. I was amazed to see it in store because all the Cosmo products have been removed from Superdrug's website for some reason. I shall be testing it over the weekend and a blog post will follow on it next week :)

Did you get any of these nail polishes today? Which one(s) did you get? x


  1. I love these polishes! Black Pearl has been on my nails ever since I got it! It's just such a beautiful color!
    The Chanel sales lady was semi right, these colors will in fact become part of the permanent collection. I'm not 100% sure about Peche Nacrée, but Black Pearl will definitely be permanent! =) Still, it's a must have for sure!
    Enjoy your goodies!

    Andrée xx

  2. @Straight Up Glam.. I will hun :) They're gorgeous! I just can't decide which one to paint my nails with tonight (seeing as Nails Inc 'Plum' has now chipped after just 3 days - boo!) I'll do a blog post when I do :) Thanks for the info :) x


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