Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Style Inspiration for 2011...

I decided today that 2011 is going to the year I reinvent myself. I feel like my hair's been the same forever (well, the past 2 years) and I want to revamp my 'look'.

Ideally, I would look like this every day...

Image courtesy of looksleek.blogspot.com
I think Victoria Beckham looks great here... It's a glamorous look with a casual twist and I love it :) I especially like how her hair's been done and how glossy it looks; it makes a nice change to the usual sleek/flat look that's for sure! This photo will be coming with me to the hairdressers this week and fingers crossed I can have this colour :) Currently, my hair is a brown-black and although I like it, I would love to go a touch lighter to lift my skintone.

With this photo as my main inspiration, the look I'm aiming for this year is pale creamy skin with a light bronzed glow. That teamed with a glossy smokey eye and a pouty nude lip is my idea of style heaven. I know this image has been airbrushed, but I can dream! ;)

I'm not brave enough to sport a bob - plus I love having long hair! - but this is another example of the hair colour I'm aiming for...

Image courtesy of goodhousekeeping.com
I also think she looks a lot better with this paler skintone than she does with layers of fake tan :)

I'm pretty happy with the make-up products I'm using right now, but I think I need to learn new techniques. For example, I'd love to be able to do a perfect winged eyeliner. So, the makeup items I'm planning on getting are:

* MAC MSF Natural in 'Medium'

* MAC MSF in 'Soft and Gentle'
* MAC lipstick in 'Cherish'
* MAC Paint Pot in 'Painterly'
* MAC Paint Pot in 'Blackground'
* Black gel eyeliner & brush (Bobbi Brown or MAC?)

I'm always adding products to my 'Wish List', but I think that these products are basics that I've been overlooking for too long. Therefore, a trip to MAC is on the cards :)

Who is your style inspiration? Are you planning any image changes for 2011? x


  1. I couldnt believe that was posh in the 1st photo! I like that look too, polished without being OTT. I have mac soft and gentle and its lovely :) x

  2. @Adrienne I know, doesn't she look a lot softer and less 'posh' ;)
    I have to get Soft & Gentle - I can't be 'posh' without it! :) x


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