Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nails Inc for Diet Coke Nail Polish in Heather Grey Review...

I made a post yesterday saying that the Nails Inc/Diet Coke Collection is now available :)

There are four colours and you can get one free when you purchase 2x 500ml bottles of Diet Coke in larger Boots stores.

I was a bit greedy and got all four and I decided to use 'Heather Grey' first.

In adverts, this colour looks like a gorgeous pink, but it's not pink at all!...

The others colours are 'true' to how they look in adverts, but this is more like a grape-purple shade. Some people are also saying on blogs/forums that this is a pink shade, but believe me when I say it isn't! To show you how far from pink it is, here is how it looks on:

The above photo was taken with the flash, which makes it look lilac and here's one without the flash...

See what I mean? Grape! :)

I applied two coats of this polish and now it's had time to dry, it's changed into a gorgeous deep purple.

If you're looking for a pink shade and liked how it was shown in the adverts, you'll be disappointed. However, I totally recommend getting it anyway, as it's still a lovely shade that's very wearable.

I'm planning on trying 'Caramel' next, so lets hope that that comes out as a light beige and not some other random colour!! ;)

Have you tried 'Heather Grey' or any of the other 3? x

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