Monday, January 24, 2011

LUSH, MAC & ZARA Goodies!

I decided to brave the cold and go shopping yesterday afternoon. I'm not sure what type of weather the rest of the UK had yesterday, but where I went it was bloomin' freezing! Therefore, I only spent about an hour & a half looking round and got these lovely things:

Top from ZARA...


This caught my eye immediately whilst I was riffling through the rails and it was just £6.99 in the sale. It was the last one and I love it. It's quite see-through so I shall certainly be wearing it with a tee or vest underneath ;) I also saw A LOT of other gorgeous things in there (leopard-print flats for one!) so a return trip is definitely on the cards as soon as possible! 

LUSH goodies...

It's Raining Men & Sweetie Pie

I've read on other blogs about 'It's Raining Men' and loved how people were describing it. Honey-scented shower gel?
Yes please! :)

I decided to be restrained and opted for the (smallest) 100ml bottle. I would have got the 250ml but I thought about how long my 250ml bottle of 'Snow Fairy' is lasting and decided to spend the extra cash on something else. That something else was:

Sweetie Pie...

It's smells gorgeous... it reminds me of blackcurrent sweets and I almost want to eat some! I decided to get this as I'm a
LUSH 'shower jelly virgin' ;) This little pot was £2.85 (they also do a larger size).

Speaking of 'Snow Fairy', I've had my bottle since last November (when it first came out) and I've used a generous squirt on a shower puff 3 times a week since. It looks like I haven't used any at all...

So I decided to get a small bottle of 'It's Raining Men' (which will probably be gone in about a week now I've said it'll
last for ages! ;)

Next time I go to LUSH, I will definitely stock up on: the Comforter (bubble bar), more Jelly, a larger 'It's Raining Men', seaweed face mask & more. Oh screw it! ... What I'd really like is the huge, stuffed-with-products gift box that they sell for £99.50 :)

Last but not least:

MAC powders...

MSF Natural & MSF Soft and Gentle

I have wanted these powders for a-g-e-s but I always seemed to get other things instead. They're 'basics' and it's always
easy to overlook those, isn't it? So this time, I got 'the basics' :)

MSF Natural in Medium Plus...

I was amazed to find that this powder matched me perfectly. I had a lovely MUA who was really helpful. I tried the three colours that I thought were more 'me'... Light, Light Medium & Medium but I discarded all three as they were all too pale/yellow/orange for me. So, as one last attempt, I picked up Medium Plus. I swatched it on my hand and voila! a perfect match :) Just to be sure, the MUA applied a light dusting over my face and it blended in so nicely. I'm glad I didn't order this online like I originally planned because I would have bought the wrong shade!

MSF Soft and Gentle...


I have used this powder before and managed to use every last bit, which is saying something because it's quite rare for
me to totally finish a product *sheepish face* :)

I am so glad I've finally got this again, because whilst in MAC, I applied a layer of MSF Medium Plus and then Soft and Gentle over the top and the sheen was a-maz-ing! It looked so shimmery (in a glowing way, not a greaseball way). I can't wait to wear these two together :) 

I also popped in to SpaceNK to see if they had the 'By Terry' rose gel cleanser. Sadly, they had none in stock and no samples so the next time I go I might get a tube. They were just about to close, so I didn't spend very long in there, which is just as well (for my bank balance's sake!)

So... that was my little haul from yesterday :) Have you bought 'It's Raining Men'? How long does a bottle of LUSH
shower gel last you?! x


  1. I've just picked up the MSF in medium plus in a blog sale and not sure how I lived without it! I've got a couple of the 100ml lush shower gels on the go and even they seem to last forever which is great...although I've sworn not to buy Its Raining Men until they're gone :(

  2. I smelt it yesterday and thought YUM! just to find out that the other half has brought me a gift set with it in for valentines day, can't wait to try it out!

  3. @Rachael.. The way the MUA applied it was great, so I hope I can do it just as well ;) Oh no! go & buy a 'It's Raining Men' quick!! lol :) x

    @KylieDee.. That's a great gift, you'll love it :) I was looking at their gift sets yesterday and the only one I really wanted was £99.50! :) x

  4. I've always wanted to try MAC's MSF! Would you recommend it as a highlighter?
    the style and musings of a LA fashion lawyer

  5. I would :) I recommend grabbing a kabuki brush, sweep it over the powder & then buff it in along top of your cheekbones & down your nose :) I'm planning on doing a FOTD with it once I've had my hair done on Thursday x

  6. yaay you got the powder and soft and gentle good for you. I use these two so much x

  7. @nicoletta.. I know, it was a long time coming! ;) I never thought 'medium plus' would suit me, so I'm glad I went to the counter. Thank you for inspiring me to get these again :) x

  8. Just stumbled across your blog. When you said you tried the other 3 shades of msf natural, which did you find orangey....? The medium one? I never know if the medium is supposed to be darker or lighter than the medium plus, on the webside its darker however when I swatched it in the shop it was lighter. Ive just ordered the light medium as I know it oxidises on your face and personally for me I find medium plus to orange but I am pretty pale x

  9. @littlemissmakeup.. I tried 'Light Medium' first and that looked too orange on me. 'Medium' was a bit too dark and 'Light' was too pale. The MUA agreed that the others didn't suit me so she tried 'Medium Plus' and it blended in perfectly. It lifted my skintone nicely and gave a nice glow. I only need a light layer and I buff it into my skin to set my foundation - this gives a great glow and a flawless finish. I also think that I can 'get away' with using a slightly darker powder as my hair is dark :) x

  10. Oh god I hope it doesnt look orange on me. I have quite fair skin but you moisturiser with a hint of tan in every couple of days. I have dark blonde/mousey brown hair so fingers crossed it looks ok! x

  11. @littlemissmakeup.. I'm sure it will be fine, but if not, you should be able to exchange it. Let me know how it turns out! :) x

  12. Hi Catherine,

    So it arrived and its great for whether my skin is pale or tanned however im now thinking I want the medium just to give me that hint of colour x

  13. @littlemissmakeup.. Yay! Glad you like it :) I know what you mean... once you get one, it's so tempting to get another! ;) x


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