Sunday, January 16, 2011

What's In My Make-Up Drawer...

I've been wanting to do this post for a while, so I hope it's interesting for you :)

Here's what's in my main makeup drawer...

I had a clear-out before Xmas and threw away about 5x this much, so this is scaled down! If you had seen it before you'd have thought I owned a shop ;)

After going through a phase of buying every new make-up item on the market (slight exaggeration, but not much!) my mantra for this year is 'quality over quantity'. It felt so good chucking away old stuff and being able to get to everything easily :) Did I really need 30 lip balms?? :)

This drawer is where I keep my most-used make-up items and the things I reach for every day. I also have 2 other drawers, which contain brushes, lip balms, tweezers, etc, etc, etc!

This is what's on my shelf...

This is where I keep skincare items that I used every day (top shelf), nail polishes (middle shelf) and perfumes, etc (bottom shelf).

It would take all evening to list the items shown here, so I hope you can see everything :) Again, I used to have about 5x this amount before I had my mammoth clear-out, which is pretty shocking! I like how it looks now as I can get to everything easily and it looks much better too :)

To the right of this shelf I have two sets of drawers - one for make-up & another one for body lotions, scrubs, etc - and on top of this I keep my hair products in a large pink heart-shaped basket.

Sorry if this was a boring blog post, but I always love to know what other people have in their makeup/skincare stash! x


  1. Not a boring post at all! I like seeing how other people store their makeup :)

  2. @FaceFixers thank you! this is a post I love reading on other peoples blogs :) x


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