Saturday, January 01, 2011

MAC Jeanius Collection... Coming to the UK in March 2011!

Yes that's right, another new MAC collection for 2011! The Jeanius Collection is coming to the UK in March and features products inspired by shades of distressed denim. It's certainly a collection for anyone who lives in their jeans and has always lusted after make-up to match :)

Introducing the MAC Jeanius Collection...

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The collection comprises of:

4 Eyeshadows...

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White Jeanius ~ Stove Pipe Black
Motorhead ~ Diva in Distress

(white with silver pearl ~ black with copper pearl)
(mid-tone blue with copper pearl) ~ (mid-tone grey with silver pearl)

Each eyeshadow has a cute popper detail, which really makes them look like tiny scraps of denim in a pot! I really like this about the eyeshadows. I'm not sure whether the stitching detail will last or wear off after one use, but when they look this amazing, who cares? :)

3 Lipsticks...

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Acid Washed ~ Pretty Please ~ Riveting Rose

(greyish beige with gold pearl) ~ (pale pink pearl, lustre) ~ (deep burgundy with blue pearl)

3 Lipglasses...

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Indigo Pink
Painted On

(chrome pink peach with gold, repromote)
(deep burgundy with blue pearl)
(greyish beige with gold pearl)

2 Nail Polishes...

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Frayed-to-Order ~ Biker Blue
(white matte with soft pink duo-chrome pearl) ~ (black base with purple & blue pearl)

2 Blushers...
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Pink Cult ~ Overdyed
(mid-tone neutral pink, matte) ~ (bright magenta, satin)

Penultimate Eye Liner...

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(true black)

There is also a Penultimate Brow Marker, but sadly I do not have an image of that.
With so many new MAC collections coming out this year it's difficult to decide which items to buy and which ones to leave! I think that I shall be purchasing the eyeshadows and a nail polish from this collection... what about you?
Happy New Year! x 


  1. i like the eyeshadows and nail polishes too :)

  2. @bec I can't keep up with all this new make-up & it's only just January! ;) x


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