Monday, January 17, 2011

My Skincare Must-Have... The Eve Lom Muslin Cloth

I'm sure you've heard of EVE LOM's Cleanser and the muslin cloth that goes with it. For those of you that haven't, the Cleanser is a blend of 4 oils and cocoa butter that works to cleanse, tone & exfoliate your skin every day. Once described by VOGUE as the "best cleanser in the world" you can see why it has cult status and a loyal following!

They key to this cleanser is the famous Muslin Cloth. The Cleanser comes with one cloth, but you can also buy additional ones (a pack of 3 costs £14 from SpaceNK).

I used to use the cleanser, but I've found that it doesn't 'work' with my skin anymore. I am gutted about this because I used to love using it - the smell is amazing! However, I still use my Muslin Cloth every day and it is my skincare must-have :)

I bought my last pack from SpaceNK last November and I'm currently using the first one. I tend to start using a new cloth every 4 months and buy one pack a year. It gets put in the washing machine every couple of days and this keeps it fresh. Considering I use it twice a day, the pack is a real bargain! It's also much less wasteful than using cotton wool pads or tissue. I also find that it removes cleanser/other products a lot more thoroughly, as rinsing it off by hand doesn't really do it. Using a cloth means that every last trace gets whipped away in no time at all.

The cloth is essentially an oversized flannel that's made of 100% cotton. I apply my cleanser (Dermalogica Skin Resurfacing :), dampen the cloth and then remove the cleanser. A double wipe gets it all off in no time and my skin is left 'squeaky' clean. It's also amazing if you want to apply heat to open your pores or cold to close them. However, warm water is best for skin.

The dual-action massage and exfoliation that this cloth provides really intensifies the cleansing process. I've tried cheaper alternatives, but nothing comes close to this fabulous cloth :)

Do you use a muslin cloth as part of your skincare routine? x


  1. I've never tried this one but i do use a muslin cloth everyday with my liz earle cleanse and polish. My skin feels so much better when i use a cloth xx

  2. @nicoletta I'm tempted to try Cleanse & Polish as I've heard great things about it x
    The Eve Lom cloths are huge, too. They do shrink a little over time through washing & use, but they retain a nice amount of 'roughness' :) x

  3. I've always been tempted to use a muslin cloth but never got round to trying one- need to sort it out by the sounds of it!xx

  4. @Emily Charlotte you'll wonder how you lived without it! :) x


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