Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NYX Lip Palette in 'Every Color Imaginable'... No Kidding!

I tend to go to my local TK Maxx once a week and I usually pick up some amazing bargains. Their prices are low at the best of times, but when they have their 'Clearance' sales, the prices get even lower!

If you've never been to a TK Maxx before - and to give you some idea of the things they sell & the prices - I've recently bought:

* Rodial Bum lift ~ £24.99
* FatGirlSlim ~ £12
* See by Chloe taupe silk blouse ~ £11
* Stila makeup set ~ £4
* Converse grey suede trainers ~ £22
* 7 for all Mankind grey skinny jeans ~ £11

Total bargains, right? :) I love TK Maxx and always spend about an hour in there having a good rake through everything ;) I've bought all of my designer jeans from there and have never paid more than £40 for a pair (by Rock & Republic).

So, today, I managed to get another bargain!

After reading on other people's blogs about NYX lipsticks, I spent a while online before I found a site that had the 3 lipsticks & 1 gloss I wanted to try. Including shipping from the USA it would have been $17.04 (about £10.25). This was really cheap, but I wasn't too sure about whether to order or not as one of the colours looked gorgeous on but really dark in the tube.

Enter TK Maxx! I spied this today and snapped it up immediately...

This is NYX's 'Every Color Imaginable' Lip Palette and contains a whopping 96 colours!

When they say 'every color imaginable' they weren't kidding! Yes, you are seeing yellow & green! :)

I'm not sure if I will ever use each and every one of these colours, but I'll certainly have fun trying.

It was a total bargain at just £5 in their Clearance sale *mega happy face*!

The only downside is that none of the shades are labelled, but at least I get to try all the shades.

Have you got this palette? Did you get yours from TK Maxx? x


  1. Need this! I want the purple lol x

  2. wow!! me love cats too
    follow me please


  3. @Claire@Eyelining.. Purple?! Each to their own! :) lol x
    It's a gorgeous kit and I'm trying to work out which is which! I was going to get 'Tea', 'Iris' & 'Circe', but goodness knows which ones they are in this palette :)

  4. @elly.. Cute blog - I must brush up on my Spanish! :) x

  5. Wow this really is a great deal at this price!

  6. @Madiha I know :) I was amazed that they still had it! x

  7. i have this pallete and i LOVE it. i got mine in TK MAXX too. if anyone knows the name of the shade 4 along n 3 down from the left side can u please let me know! the orangey colour

  8. @Anonymous... I wish I knew! :) I have tried to find out what each colour is, but it's impossible. It would have been nice if they had included a little "menu" (like they do in chocolate boxes!) :) x


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