Friday, January 07, 2011

Chanel Nail Polish Collection for 2011...

I am sooo excited about the trio of nail polishes that Chanel are releasing for 2011!

Inspired by iconic Chanel pearls, the 3 shades are so beautiful...

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511 Pearl Drop ~ 513 Black Pearl ~ 515 Peche Nacree

'Pearl Drop' is a beautiful pearlescent white, 'Black Pearl' is a gorgeous dark pearlescent green & 'Peche Necree' is a stunning shimmery peach.

I have put my name down on the waiting list at a department store for all 3 and I cannot wait to try them! Personally, Peche Necree is my favourite :)

Each bottle costs £16.50 and they will be available in the UK from 28th January, but I doubt they will be available for long!

Have you reserved any of these polishes? Which one is your favourite? x


  1. loooove the peche one too :) but they are all gorgeous!

  2. @bec it looks so amazing doesn't it? it reminds me of NARS orgasm polish :) I was trying to be good and only get one, but that's gone out the window! ;) x

  3. I want Black Pearl and Peche Nacrée. The Chanel nail polishes are fabulous, and definitely worth the price in my opinion!

    Thank you for following my blog! I am now following yours, too! =)

    Andrée xx

  4. @Straight Up Glam... I can't wait to get my hands on them! :) I also love getting a tiny black glossy Chanel bag :) Materialistic, moi?! ;)

    Thanks for the follow :) I love your profile pic... it's so original! x

  5. I'm very late to this post but love the look of Peche! Did you ever get your hands on these?

  6. @Strawberry Blonde... I did - I got Peche Nacree & Black Pearl (I did a post about them). I didn't get Pearl Drop as I didn't think I'd ever wear such a pale shade (being pale myself!) :) x


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