Sunday, January 23, 2011

MAC Peacocky Collection... Coming to the UK on 3rd February 2011...

I was planning on doing a 'haul' post tonight, but by the time I got home, I was too exhausted to take pictures of all the things I bought today. So, I will be doing that post another day next week :) In place of that, I decided to post about what I was given at MAC today...

The MUA that served me gave me this card and said that it's being launched on the first Thursday of the month (3rd February). This is (yet another!) new collection from MAC for 2011 and is called Peacocky! It's available in the USA right now.

"Strutting her stuff in a fan of new shades and formulas, she's showy, exotic, every way a spectacle. On her lips, the full-shine, soft, creamy comfort of new Kissable Lipcolour. And for awe-inspiring iridescent eyes with a mesmerizing look of chrome... Introducing Mega Metal Shadow. Dramatic doesn't even begin to describe the girl who knows she's Peacocky!"

Featuring 27 new products, the collection comprises of:

 15 'Mega Metal' Eyeshadows...

* Peek-at-You ~ frosted yellow white
* Dalliance ~ light champagne
* Prance ~ frosted mauve pearl
* Top of the Posh ~ frosted white pink
* Tweet Me ~ gold bronze
* Mating Call ~ dirty frosted violet
* Odalisque ~ deep teal
* Sexpectations ~ metallic burgundy
* Paparazz-she ~ deep copper bronze
* Ego ~ forest green
* Noir Plum ~ true purple with silver pearl
* Dandizette ~ navy with silver pearl
* Spectacle of Yourself ~ deep bronze
* Centre Stage ~ frosted chocolate brown
* Unflappable ~ frosted black with purple pearl

MAC describe these eyeshadows as: 

A colour-rich, light-reflecting gleam combined with a creamy application that invites blending, layering, shaping, while remaining crease-resistant. A brilliant choice for all those seeking the ultimate metallic finish.

12 Kissable Lipcolours:

* Enchantee ~ light blue pink
* Woo Me ~ light pinky nude
* So Vain ~ muted dirty coral
* Vanity Fair ~ mid-tone blue pink
* Exxxhibitionist ~ red-toned coral
* Strut Your Stuff ~ bright true red
* Scandelicious ~ blue fuchsia
* Peacocky ~ sky blue with red pearl
* Super ~ muted neutral brown
* Love Peck ~ blackened blood red
* Temper Tantra ~ mid-tone reddish brown
* Flaunting It ~ grey mauve

MAC describe these lipcolours as:

Luscious in pay-off and application, Kissable Lipcolour applies with the smooth glide of a lip gloss, then finishes with the creamy pigment-rich look of a Lipstick. New Slimline vial complete with doe-foot applicator.

Each eyeshadow costs £15.50 ($19.50) & each lipcolour costs £16 ($18)

Are you tempted by any of these products? I'm just shocked that they didn't release powders/blushes/lipsticks! x

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