Tuesday, March 22, 2011

10 Things That Make Me Happy - Part 1!

This post is inspired by the lovely Andree from Straight Up Glam. If you haven't checked out her blog yet - what are you waiting for?! She is a lovely girl who really knows her stuff and she always leaves me nice comments. Visit her blog and tell her I sent you ; )

She recently did a post and invited others to tag along. Basically, you just list 10 things that make you happy and do this for 10 weeks until you have 100 things that make you happy. This appealed to me because it's nice to have variety in blog posts and who doesn't want things that make them happy? On that note, here are my first 10:

1. MAC Make Up
Image courtesy of fashionbombdaily.com

MAC is such an amazing brand... every time I get something new from there, it makes me very happy! I would love to recreate this look... This is MAC at its best and I love how different it is. The colours may clash, but when you look this fabulous, who cares?!

2. Starbucks
Image courtesy of thenextweb.com

I'm not a coffee drinker and I mostly drink tea at home. However, get me into Starbucks and I will order a Caramel Latte and a lemon & poppy seed muffin! Just the thing after a 'hard day' shopping ;)

3. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

Image courtesy of lizearle.com/uk

This is already making a huge difference to my skin and that makes me very happy! I can't wait to buy this set (which also makes me happy!)

4. The Beach
Image courtesy of beautiful-island.50webs.com

Why are there no beaches like this in the UK?! It's probably just as well that there aren't, because I would spend all my free time there : )

5. Cupcakes
Image courtesy of jasonnixoncakes.co.uk

I cannot get enough of dainty, well-made & beautifully iced cupcakes - heaven in a paper case!

6. Shopping
Image courtesy of eastmidlands.inetgiant.co.uk

I love nothing better than retail therapy! It never fails to make me happy : )

7. Pampering
Image courtesy of blog.blissworld.com

You can't beat a night of pampering in the comfort of your own home.

8. Magazines
Image courtesy of magazine-template.com

I love taking a bath and reading a glossy magazine at the same time - double treat! : )

9. Chocolate
Image courtesy of thestudentchef.co.uk

If it's chocolate, I like it! My favourites are Cadbury's Dairy Milk, Galaxy and Malteasers. Easter is coming up and I will be in chocoholic heaven!

10. Manicures
Image courtesy of fashion-stylist.net

I love painting my nails. It makes me feel so much more 'put together'. Chipped polish and ragged cuticles are my pet peeve!

Those are my first 10 and I'm planning on doing 10 each week until I reach 100. Feel free to tag in and link us all up in the comments box! x


  1. Girl, we would get on so well haha I love 9/10 of these (Only because I need to order my Liz Earle stuff) hehe Great post Cat x x

  2. What a great little post! I might just have to do one myself - the beach makes me very happy but I feel like I havent been on one for years, which is because I haven't! And of course chocolate - can't go a day without it x

  3. 9 out of 10 for me here - and that's only because I've not tried Liz Earle stuff yet :-)

  4. 8/10!
    Never tried Liz Earle, and i'm more of a candy person :D


  5. Aw Catherine you are too sweet! Thank you for the kind words and the link! =) You really made my day! =D

    This is a great list! I have to agree with almost everything (I've never tried the Liz Earle, but have heard wonderful things about the products!)

    I'm happy you have decided to do this tag and I look forward to seeing the rest of your list! =D

    Andrée xx

  6. @Alisha... we so would hun - please live closer! ;) get yourself some Liz Earle now! :) x

    @Joanna Louise... thank you :) I haven't been to the beach for ages either :( & when the weather's nice they're too over-crowded! I need my own island in the Maldives :) x

    @Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger... thank you :) you are missing out - I can't be without it now :) x

    @Jenny and Kaylie... candy's good too ;) x

    @Straight Up Glam... you are so welcome hun :) I just hope I can keep it up and do a full 100 things! :) x


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