Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Topshop No Love Lost Nail Polish Review...

I spotted this in Topshop last Saturday and knew it was for me! This is one of their newest colours:

No Love Lost

Great name, great shade! Described on as a 'coral blush', it's a subtle pop of peach & coral - just the colour I needed to add to my collection : )

I applied 2 coats tonight and here's how it looks

The colour is opaque & glossy - perfect! I'm really into Topshop nail polishes right now. They have some gorgeous shades out and don't break the bank at £5 each.

It does dry darker than it appears in the bottle, but it's still a pretty colour.

I have my eye on other shades in their range and I can't wait to check out their Sandstorm collection. My local store only stocks a limited range - just the nail polishes, lip balms & a few palettes - so when I go to a larger store in a couple of weeks I'm hoping they will have it! I also want to get a couple of items from their Heavy Duty Collection... I'm lusting after the Solid Gel Eyeliners in Facet (a hot pink) & Steely (a light navy blue) : )

Have you tried this shade yet? It's a bit Spring/Summer, but what the heck! ; )


  1. very pretty colur for summer :) I dont know why but your blog never shows in my dashboard, but im following :L Weird x

  2. I'm loving this shade and i'm not one for peachy nail polishes. It's really nice x x

  3. @Princess Livia... it's such a gorgeous colour - can't recommend it enough! :) x

    @H Rija... thank you :) x

    @xDiamondsandPearlsx... that is weird! thank you for following me :) x

    @Alisha... thanks hun :) get it before it sells out! :) x


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