Thursday, March 03, 2011

Clinique Freebies from Glamour Magazine!

As you may have heard - and already bought! - Glamour magazine (UK only) is giving away 10 different trial-sized Clinique products to celebrate their 10th birthday! Great freebie, right?

There are 10 to choose from and they come with the magazine itself - there is no need to send off for anything or print off any coupons - as it's attached to the front cover.

I only wanted some of the 10, so I got:

All About Eyes

I got 3 of these and each pot is 5ml. Seeing as a full-sized (15ml) pot normally costs £22.50, this was a bargain at just £6 (or 3 issues at £2 each)!

I love this eye cream and it's my favourite alternative to Creme de la Mer The Eye Concentrate (and it's a lot cheaper too!)

Moisture Surge

This is also a great product and is super-light. It's great for mixing into your foundation or on hot days when you don't need a lot of moisturiser. The tube you get is 30ml. I only got 1 (as it was all they had!) so if I see any more, I'm snapping them up.

Take The Day Off (Makeup Remover)

I got one of these as back-up in case I run out of my Lancome Bi-facil. If you've never tried this before, then don't miss out on getting it free with Glamour! This comes in a make-up-bag-friendly 30ml bottle. Again, the shop I went to only had one of these, so I shall get more if I see them.

7 Day Scrub Cream

I love this scrub! It's nice & rough (but not scratchy) and it leaves skin deep-clean. I only got one tube, but I might get another one. You get a 30ml tube.

Did you get any of these? x


  1. These are such a great way of trying things you're unsure about without spending loads of money! Every brand should do it! xxx

  2. @Jo.. too right! I think they would sell a lot more if they were a bit more generous :) x

  3. Oooh great bargain I'll look out for a couple... I love that facial scrub and just ran out! x

  4. I LOVE CLINIQUE!!!!!!!! check out my blog!

  5. Awesome!!!!!!! :) These are great freebies! I love the eye cream and the moisture surge :)

  6. @Ruthy.. hope you find some! get 2 if you do because I'm sure they will sell out soon :) x

    @Julia Harris.. it's one of my favourites too :) x

    @Rainy Days and Lattes.. I've been waiting for the issue all month (how sad!) I used the eye cream & moisture surge this morning and it made me remember how much I love them :) x

  7. I dont blame you. I worked for clinique in the past so have tried most of the products and think these are some of the nicest. Glad you managed to get them as they are sold out in loads of places xx

  8. @nicoletta.. I know - I was sofa-ridden so sent hubby out on Thursday morning (the supermarket was just unpacking them at 11am!) I was planning on getting more over the weekend, but that may not be possible! :) x


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