Friday, March 04, 2011

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark...

I've been meaning to try this nail polish for ages and was given a tiny bottle as a present (as part of a 4-piece 'Lites to Dark' set) and I love it already! Introducing:

Lincoln Park After Dark

I tried to capture the gorgeous colour, but sadly I failed!

If you're looking for a new dark shade for Winter, I can't recommend this enough. Think of blackcurrant jelly and this is how it looks in terms of colour and finish. I love it!

I applied 2 coats - the second coat really gave it depth and added to the 'jelly' effect. The result is stunning - dark, glossy and bloomin' lovely ;)

As my nails seem to be suffering at the moment (thanks to full-time hours in an office, central heating & cold weather) one of the nails on my right hand actually split!! Luckily, it was only the white tip and not the nail bed itself. Phew! So, I filed it down (it looks a tiny bit shorter than the rest, but in a week or so it will have grown back again). I also applied 2 coats of OPI Nail Envy Maintenance (which I also really recommend) before applying my base coat.

For the base coat I used Nails Inc Caviar and the matching top coat. This is a great set - look out for it next time you're in Boots. It really helps to condition nails and gives them a beautiful glossy finish.

I wish I had tried this shade before - I've read some great reviews on it but never seemed to buy it. Oops! I hope this bottle will last a while, but as soon as it runs out I'm going to Sally's to get a full-sized one :)

Have you tried Lincoln Park After Dark? What's your favourite OPI shade? x


  1. It's one of my favourite vampy colors & I've a botle in my stash, too. I couldn't say which my favourite OPI is, maybe My Private Jet, the hard to find holo version. It's stunning.

  2. @Tabatha.. I've never tried 'My Private Jet' (I tend to get all my OPI from Sally's & they never seem to have it). If I see a bottle, I'll it snap it up! :) x

  3. by FAR one of my favorite colors. I've seriously got like 3 bottles stocked up just in case they ever stop making it! my other favorite color is you don't know jaques which I'm unfortunately not stocked up on & now I can never find it!

  4. @devorelebeaumonstre.. 3 bottles - wow! that's dedication! :) I'm tempted to order 'You Don't Know Jacques!', 'Lincoln Park After Dark' and 'I'm Not Really A Waitress' online as they're so expensive in store in the UK :) x


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