Friday, March 18, 2011

Clinique Moisture Surge Review...

I was a bit greedy with the recent Glamour magazine Clinique promotion and along with a few other things, I got two of these:

Clinique Moisture Surge

Each one of these tubes is 30ml, so for just £4 I got 60ml! Considering that a 50ml pot of this costs £30, this was a total bargain!

I have been using this every morning - after Dramatically Different and before MAC Prep+Prime Skin - and it's the perfect base for makeup. It locks in the Dramatically Different and keeps my skin hydrated. As the office I work in has the central heating on all the time, this has become my skin saviour.

The texture is a gel-cream and is a light pink. It sinks in very quickly and leaves no greasy/sticky residue. I also love using this as a 5-minute moisture-boosting mask as a mid-week pick-me-up. To do this, I just apply a thicker-than-normal layer, leave it on for (yes, you've guessed it!) 5 minutes and then tissue off any residue. My skin is left plump, glowing & refreshed : )

Have you tried this fabulous moisturiser? Did you get any with Glamour? x


  1. Wish I'd picked this up now..!

    I nominated you for a wee blog award!

    Stacey xx

  2. @Nude Obsession... thank you so much! I shall do a blog post on it tomorrow & link back to you :) thanks again hun - that's made my day! :) x

  3. I got the lipstick, lip gloss & the 7 day scrub :)xx

  4. I'll have to try this as I have super dry skin x=

  5. @JustLikeJasper... lucky you! some people didn't manage to get any as they sold out pretty quick. hope you enjoy using your freebies! :) x

    @GABY... it will certainly help. use it twice a day & as a moisture mask to really boost your skin :) x

  6. I use this whenever my skin gets really dry. The Glamour freebie this month was amazing! x


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