Monday, March 28, 2011

Clinique Take The Day Off Review...

As I mentioned before, I got 2 of these eye makeup removers with the recent Glamour giveaway...

I always used to use this to remove my eye makeup, but I switched to Bi-Facil from Lancome.

So which is better? In my opinion, Bi-Facil removes a lot more a lot quicker. I thought that this removed mascara easily, but Bi-Facil makes this seem like hard work : )

I decided to get 2 because my Bi-Facil is almost empty and I wanted a back-up so I didn't fall back onto wipes. I'm also using my Cleanse & Polish to remove my eye makeup (which is also fantastic) but rather than dirty the muslin cloth, I'm using cotton wool to take it off.

I'd recommend Take The Day Off if you wear quite light eye makeup, but I always prefer to use Bi-Facil or Cleanse & Polish for removing heavier makeup.

I'm trying to use these up, but I think I will keep the second one as a spare or for dipping cotton buds in to correct mistakes.

What's your fail-safe product for removing eye makeup? x


  1. I use a one part olive oil to four part water recipe that I saw on Bubblegarm. It's gentle and a a much cheaper alternative which is good.

    I used to use wipes but the were quite harsh :(

    Great post :)

    Dee xx

  2. @FaceFixers... I might try that - I have now thrown away my wipes so I'm not tempted to use them! :) x


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