Sunday, March 13, 2011

MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2 Lipstick & Lipglass Review...

I must confess that I have never bought a Viva Glam lipstick from MAC in the past. None of the shades suited me and I just couldn't see how I could make any of the colours work on me. That all changed yesterday when I went to a MAC counter and bought these two lovelies:

These are both from the new Viva Glam Gaga 2 range and I splurged and bought both : ) I love the packaging!

The lipstick is an Amplified Creme formula and the lipglass is the usual formulation.

Here's how they look without the flash

Pretty amazing right? The shade is a gorgeous chocolate-nude and I love them both : )

Here's how the lipstick looks (with the flash)

& the lipglass

I love how MAC have also changed the products and added a fabulous red signature across it.

I wore it for the first time today and here's how the lipstick looks worn on its own (with the flash)

I love this lippy already! It's darker than Myth, but still light enough to satisfy my love of nude/fleshy shades.

Here's how it looks worn with the lipglass (also with flash)

The gloss adds a slight sheen and amps it up just a little.

I cannot recommend these two enough and they're for such a worthwhile cause. The lipstick cost £13.50 and the lipglass cost £12.50

Be sure to get these next time you're at a MAC counter! x


  1. These look gorgeous. I really didn't like the first Gaga lippie but you've made me really want these.
    And you've made me very envious of your lips!

  2. That looks amazing on you! When I tried it on me it was like an old fashioned frosty brown colour on my lips :( So disappointed as I really wanted it! xx

  3. @princesselfy.. I didn't either (I don't ever wear dark red!) but these 2 are amazing :) thank you ;) x

    @Nude Obsession.. thank you! :) that's a real shame x I can see myself wearing this combination a lot :) x

  4. Not sure these would suit my super pale skintone, but there are really pretty! x

  5. These look great on you sweetie, i wish i could carry off nudes! I'm just to pale and too cool toned - a bad mixture when it comes to nudes i think!xx

  6. Ooh this is really pretty - nudes aren't really my thing but I'm slowly branching out, there's so many nice nude colours out there!

  7. @GABY... they are, aren't they? I'm pale too, but they work with the right makeup :) x

    @Jo... thanks hun :) try these - you might surprise yourself! :) x

    @Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger... there sure is :) I didn't think I would like these as they look quite dark, but when worn they look gorgeous! :) x


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