Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kerastase Chroma Sensitive Cleansing Balm Review...

After seeing the promo pictures for this product, I immediately wanted it!

Pink? Check! Kerastase? Check! Claims to prolong hair colour? Check! :) I was immediately sold and knew that I had to try it as soon as it came out.

As it costs £18.90 and I already have a lot of other hair products, I decided to try and get some samples first. I've been disappointed by a few products lately and was getting fed up with shelling out hard-earned cash on products that turned out to be complete rubbish.

So with that in mind, I went to a Kerastase salon last weekend and was given 3 sachets of it. Here's how one looks...

For a sample, the packaging is great. There is nothing cheap about this!

Inside looks just as good as the outside...

The sachet itself is a really generous 15ml...

As I got given 3 sachets like this, that's a total of 45ml. Considering a full-sized bottle is 200ml, I was given almost a quarter of a bottle for free!

The instructions inside the sachet cover everything...

As my hair is long, I need 15 pumps. As I only have the sachet to go by, I use the whole lot in one wash. It'll be interesting to see how many uses I'd get out of a bottle with my hair length!

Kerastase recommend using this in the following way:

* First 3 washes: use this cleansing balm
* 4th wash: use your regular Kerastase Shampoo & Conditioner
* 5th wash: use the cleansing balm

and so on!

I have used this twice now and I love it. I wet my hair, smooth the contents over my hair and spend time massaging it in. As it contains no parabens/silicones/sulphates, it gives little to no lather. Do not be fooled into thinking it's not working! The real secret is the next part... leave it on for 2-3 minutes. Then, apply a little more water and repeat the massage process. The difference I felt in my hair was amazing. Soft, silky and instantly brighter - and that was whilst it was still wet! I then followed it up with Pantene intensive mask and Pantene Colour Seal Concentrate. I have been dying to use this, but as I only had my hair coloured last Saturday, I had to wait. I shall be using it once a week for the next 8 weeks to see if it really lives up to its claim. Post to follow with the results!

I'm so glad I was able to try this product before buying the full-sized one. It was really generous of the salon and I will certainly be purchasing my full-sized one from there :)

Have you tried this yet? x


  1. I've used this 3 times now and love it, my hair is so shiny! I ordered the full size bottle and then got a sample from my hair salon a week later lol! x

  2. @H Rija.. thank you! :) x

    @StyleFrost.. that is so typical! I love it and I can't wait to get a full-sized bottle :) x


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