Thursday, February 10, 2011

Clinique Products I'm Loving...

A couple of years ago, I used the Clinique 3-Step system and loved it. I was 'Type 2' and there was nothing I couldn't put on my face. Fast-forward 2 years and my skin is as fussy as a toddler that won't eat their carrots! :)

So, I decided to try Dermalogica and numerous other brands. Some had great results, others not so great.

After my recent failures with Dermalogica (cleanser) and Decleor (toner) I decided to re-visit Clinique. This was prompted after seeing their campaign for the newly-formulated Clarifying Lotion.

A new skin analysis confirmed that my skin was oily-combination (tell me something I don't know!) and I am now 'Type 3'. Armed with my new 3-Step products, I was ready to deal with my skin (yet again...)

This is my 3-Step System...

Liquid Facial Soap (Oily) ~ Clarifying Lotion 3 ~ Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

I have been using the 3-Step system for the past few weeks now and I love it. It's making a huge difference to my skin and it's a cinch to use.

In the morning, I use the Liquid Facial Soap with my Dermalogica Exfoliating Face Brush and this gives my skin a great wake-up call :) A quick sweep of Clarifying Lotion all over, followed by the DDM Gel and my skin is clean and refreshed. I also use the DDM Gel under my eyes and it doesn't irritate. In the evening, I remove my makeup and then just use the Soap without the brush.

As there was a BONUS TIME at a department store recently, I also got these...

Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser ~ All About Eyes Serum ~ Youth Surge SPF15

As the DDM Gel is not a 'true' moisturiser, you need to add one on top. Think of DDM Gel as a 'drink' for your skin and then a moisturiser as something that locks it in.

I decided to try the Youth Surge SPF15 and it's a great moisturiser. It leaves a gorgeous glow on my skin and it's a great base for my foundation. Although this is only a 15ml sample-sized jar, it will last a long time as you don't need a lot.

The All About Eyes Serum is also amazing... I woke up the other morning with puffy eyes and this product sorted that out in no time. It feels cooling & refreshing and sinks in without leaving a sticky residue. I also love how it comes in a mini rollerball despite only being a 5ml sample.

I've also been using the Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser to remove my makeup (but not eye makeup) and WOW! I am very impressed. You wet your face, dampen your hands, and then lather it up before massaging it into your skin. I used my EVE LOM muslin cloth to remove it and it got rid of every last trace of foundation, blusher, concealer and powder :) My cloth also rinsed clean, which was a great bonus, because my MAC Cleanse-Off Oil leaves makeup marks on my nice white cloth. Grr!

As soon as I have used up these sample sizes, I shall certainly be buying full-sized ones. I also can't wait for the amazing Clinique offer coming up in next months Glamour magazine! *squeals with excitement* ;)

Have you tried any of these products? Which one is your favourite? x


  1. I have a sample of the foaming cleanser. I need to buy a full-size soon, I really love the creamy lather and how clean my face feels afterwards! x

  2. @Ruthy.. agreed :) this tube will last me ages as you don't need very much (it's really thick & creamy) x

  3. The Clinique skincare line has always been trusty for me :) I used to use it a few yrs back but now I try all sorts of skincare, but haven't settled into a particular brand. I have to agree with you that the All About Eyes is amazing :) I use it every morning too :)

  4. @Raint Days and Lattes.. I love the 'All About Eyes' serum! The mini rollerball is perfect for popping in my makeup bag too :) I thought it was one of those gimmicky products, but I'm happy to say I was wrong! x

  5. I love Clinique! I'm going to be giving some away on my blog soon as I have so much haha!
    The All About Eyes serum is my favourite, picked it up on eBay for £10 :)


  6. @Jade.. that'd be a great giveaway - I can't wait for that! :) thanks for following x


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