Monday, February 21, 2011

New Week, New Job... did Maybelline The Eraser Foundation last all day?...

I decided to do a different style of blog post tonight... I started my new job today and to say that I have a long day is a understatement! I also wore the Maybelline The Eraser foundation, with amazing results.

My new working week now involves: getting up at 6am, leave at 8am, drive 33.5 miles, start at 9am, finish at 5.30pm, drive another 33.5 miles home and get home by 6.30pm. Phew! :)

I enjoyed my first day and it went really quickly. Everyone was really nice and I can see myself fitting in and getting on. It's been a while since I worked full-time hours, but I actually find that I function better getting up earlier in the morning. Once I get over my initial tiredness and get into a routine, I really get into it. How sad! ;)

Anyway... back to 'The Eraser'! I applied it at 6.30am this morning and when I looked in the mirror at work at 3pm, it still looked great. I combined it with L'Oreal True Match Powder, NARS blusher and a dusting of MAC MSF 'Soft & Gentle' to blend & highlight. I also applied light eye makeup (Rimmel Lash Accelerator, MAC Smoulder on top waterline & Stila Kajal in 02 Topaz on lower waterline) plus MAC lipstick in Myth topped off with Revlon Peach Petal lipgloss.

To give you some idea how long my foundation, powder & blush lasted today, here's how it looks...

I am really impressed! Please excuse the fact that my eyeliner & lip colour has worn off, but the rest of my makeup still looks fresh.

Considering that I've been wearing it for the past 14.5 hours (!) and I'm just about to remove it (at 9pm) that is pretty amazing. Therefore, this is now my favourite long-lasting foundation. I also think that the L'Oreal True Match powder helps, but it's also down to the foundation. I forgot to apply my MAC Prep+Prime this morning, so I'm doubly-impressed! Considering I also have an oily t-zone - and I didn't need to mattify ONCE during today - you can triple that! :)

Have you found your regular foundation to last this long?

Hope you've all had a great Monday x


  1. Oh wow, this sounds like a great foundation! I've never been a big fan of Maybelline foundations but I might test it out now as I need a new foundation (well I have a few but I want more..) that's long lasting and doesn't make my face greasy.

  2. this is very exciting! Will definitely be trying! x

  3. @Miss A.. I absolutely love it! Just be sure to test all the shades so that you get the right one :) x

    @Lola Rose.. ooh, let me know what you think when you do! :) x


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