Thursday, February 03, 2011

My Inspired Look... Cheryl Cole for ELLE...

I was inspired to recreate the look that Lisa Eldridge did on Cheryl Cole for the cover of ELLE magazine (February issue, which came out in January).

She then uploaded the video onto her blog and did an amazing step-by-step tutorial video.

With that in mind, I grabbed a load of makeup and got started...

For the first part, I applied 'Painterly' by MAC (Paint Pot) all over my eye lids. I regret adding this step, as I think it's what caused the rest of my eye makeup to come out with a green tint! I think I will skip this part tomorrow and see how it turns out :)

For the eyes, I used 'Blackground' by MAC (Paint Pot) and then MAC 'Fluidline' in the inner waterline and on top of 'Blackground'.

My eyebrows were filled in with 'Lingering' by MAC and I used two mascaras: Rimmel Lash Accelerator on my top lashes and Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara on the lower lashes.

This is the finished look...

I took A LOT of photos, but this was the one I was most happy with. It's by no means perfect - Lisa Eldridge is a pro with over 20 years experience after all! - but this is my version of it. I think that practice will make perfect and I intend to keep trying different makeup looks.

I've always been a bit shy about wearing dramatic makeup so I tend to stick to a light smokey eye/nude lip combo. Now, I plan on adding to my makeup collection and intend to purchase more different products from MAC in the near future. I also really need to invest in some of their amazing makeup brushes!

The next time I attempt this look, I will certainly be a bit more conservative with the amount of Fluidline I use... I put on a bit too much under my lower lashes and it is a tough product to shift once it's dried! I did manage to tone it down with some paler eyeshadow, but it's not what I really wanted.

The pale eyeshadow that Lisa Eldridge used was by L'Oreal and was shade '179 Midnight Stars'. In her tutorial it looks like a shimmery gold/beige, but on Superdrug website it was a navy blue! I'll be going to Boots tomorrow so I'll soon see. She also used L'Oreal True Match Rosewood blusher, but I used NARS 'Deep Throat'. I will also look at this blusher tomorrow and see how the shade compares.

Have you been inspired by a magazine cover recently? x


  1. Good job! And don't be shy about wearing darker makeup! You look great! :)

  2. @Barbie.. thank you! :) I'm going to try and recreate a slightly softer version of this look today so fingers crossed it will turn out okay again :) x

  3. Love the smokey eyes! I've never tried proper smokey eyes, might give it a go!

  4. @StyleFrost.. I really recommend it! I wore it again today - got a few looks, but what the heck! - and it stayed put all day :) MAC is the way to go if you want makeup that stays put! x


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