Tuesday, February 08, 2011

15 Random Facts About Me...

I decided to do this post as I often read them on other blogs and always find something fascinating, so here's mine...

1. I have 8 nieces, 8 nephews, 1 great-niece & 1 great-nephew. I became an aunty when I was 4 and a great-aunty when I was 24!

2. I only weighed 5lb 2oz when I was born

3. I have a phobia of needles, spiders and 'daddy long legs' - they all freak me out! Despite my needle phobia, I had my belly button pierced when I was 17. As I've got older, my phobia has got worse!

4. I used to horse-ride and I only fell off once... but I managed to put 2 discs out in my neck, break my nose in two places, split my lip, black both my eyes, dislocate my shoulder, break both my wrists, crack 2 ribs and permanently twist my right knee by 2cm!! Whoops!! ;)

I was able to read, and write in joined-up writing before I started primary school

6. My dad was a Pilot in the RAF during the Second World War and he flew on D-Day. He was 59 when I was born and he died in 2008. My grandad fought in the Somme in the First World War.

7. I love cars and it's my dream to own an Audi R8 Spyder (5.2L, V10, 525bhp, black with tan leather interior, a top speed of 194mph... *grunts like Tim Allen on Home Improvement*!)

8. I like to watch a cookery programme on TV and eat at the same time!

9. I'm a huge bookworm and own a tonne of books

10. I've never EVER smoked or even tried a cigarette... I can't stand the smell!

11. I haven't drunk any alcohol since my wedding day (July 2006) and even then I only had a sip of champagne!

12. I have never been on plane!

13. I can't swim, but I really want to learn

14. I love Egyptian history and anything to do with ancient Egypt (pyramids, antiquities, etc)

15. I bake an amazing carrot cake ;)

So that's 15 random facts about me!

Hope it was interesting for you... Normal beauty-related blog posts shall resume ;) x


  1. that's so weird your dad was a pilot & you've never flown on a plane! oh & I loveee me some carrot cake. ;) x


  2. @devorelebeaumonstre.. I know, irony is so cruel! ;) I'm hoping to this year (preferably New York!) I got the carrot cake recipe from a friend who used to own a deli :) Thank you for the follow :) x

  3. This is a great list! I like these kinds of posts, too!
    I also love cars, and omg I laughed so hard at the *grunts like Tim Allen on Home Improvement* comment! I was actually watching an episode of it last night! =P
    Spiders are my biggest fear, and for some reason whenever I shower at my bf's house, daddy longlegs like to creep up on me! Ew!

    Andrée xx

  4. @Straight Up Glam.. thank you :) I thought the Tim Allen grunt fitted the bill ;) Is the shower outside?! lol ;) I almost got hit by a car because of one when I was 12 - I hate them that much! (I was walking on a grass verge & one flew up at me so I leapt in the road!) x

  5. Hi Catherine, I have just found your blog and it is lovely so I am a new follower!
    This was really interesting to read. I am an Aunty to lots of nieces and nephews too ... I became one at 4 months old! My dad was also 59 when he had me and I've lost him too (although it was in 1995).
    Its really nice to get to know people a little better :) I might do this tag soon...



  6. @Lila Loves.. thank you for following my blog, I'm just checking out yours :) My eldest niece is 24 & the youngest (a nephew) is due any day! Sorry to hear about your dad xx People always used to think my dad was my grandad! He was almost 85 when he died & he would have been 88 this October (my mum is 15yrs younger). Can't wait to read yours if you decide to do one :) xx

  7. Hello, new to the blog so I just thought I'd click on this. Totally with you on Daddy long legs...very hard to catch aswell! Your riding accident sounds horrible, so sorry to hear you went through that all at once! I used to ride a lot too but only had one bad fall, and broke my arm which doesn't even sound like a bad fall after hearing about yours. You're very lucky to be an Auntie to so many, I have one Auntie myself and I'm an Auntie to three little girls - Aunties are very important people. I think you have a great treat ahead of you if you are able to take swimming lessons - you will feel so empowered acheiving that goal!


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