Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Chanel Peche Nacree Nail Polish Review...

I finally decided to remove 'Black Pearl' last night and try 'Peche Nacree'. I love 'Black Pearl' but I was itching to try this one!

In the promo shot, this shade looks gorgeous...

It's a beautiful light, shimmery peach shade that's perfect for Spring, or if you're looking to lighten up your nail polish shade this Winter.

Here's my own bottle, taken without the flash...

With the flash, the shade looked too washed out. The result when applied?

With the flash...

& without the flash...
In order to get the rich, opaque colour I wanted, I had to apply 3 coats. The result is a pretty peach with a hint of shimmer. A similar shade would be NARS 'Orgasm'. If you've missed out on 'Peche Nacree', I would definitely recommend NARS :)

Just as a quick comparison, here's my bottle of NARS 'Orgasm'...

As you can see, this is pretty similar in the bottle, but when worn, there is more of an orange/peach undertone. It's also got a bit more shimmer. It's not exactly the same, but I would still recommend this if you love peach shades.
Did you get 'Peche Nacree'? x


  1. Hey :-)
    Great post!
    I had Pêche Nacrée, too, but I sent it back. I don't know, somehow I didn't like the application & the color, while pretty, was missing something. In my opinion NARS Orgasm is a much more vibrant color, it simply packs more ooomph :-D

    Would you mind visiting my blog? Maybe follow eachother?

  2. @Tabatha.. thank you! :) NARS certainly does come out brighter, I agree. I like this colour as it's quite neutral and goes with any outfit. It's a shame you didn't like it. Sure, I'll check out your blog :) x


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