Wednesday, February 02, 2011

My New Obsession: Laura Mercier Souffle Body Creme Sampler Set...

I don't know about you, but I am a huge fan of Laura Mercier.

My favourite products from her range include: the Brush Cleanser, Secret Camouflage Concealer and Tinted Moisturiser. The eyeshadows and lipglosses look pretty good too :)

Makeup aside, every time I've gone into SpaceNK or a department store, I've picked up a jar of souffle (body lotion), unscrewed the lid and smelt the most amazing scent. Instead of purchasing one, I've always seen 'something else' to spend my money on. That all changed on my shopping trip yesterday.

I went into a department store and saw this gorgeous set...

It contains 4x 85g tubes of each scent:

The scents are amazing and smell good enough to eat! I tested each one on my hand and I could still smell them at the end of the day :)

Each of the scents smells exactly as you'd imagine... rich, creamy, sweet & indulgent... just how a product called 'souffle body creme' should :)

I can't decide which one is my favourite as each one smells lovely...

creme brulee & creme de pistache

almond coconut milk & fresh fig

The set was a bargain at just £20 in the sale (instead of £40). It's a great set to buy if you're a fan of all 4 scents or if you're looking to try each one for the first time. It would also make a great Valentine's Day gift :)

Have you got this set? Do you use any of these gorgeous body cremes? x


  1. OMG as soon as I saw Creme Brulee in the pics I was sold!

  2. These sound amazing! I will be keeping my eyes out for these, as I'd love to give them a try! =) Thanks for sharing this!

    Andrée xx

  3. @Lucy.. you have to get this set if you see it! :) x

    @Straight Up Glam.. I was amazed that 4 such generous-sized tubes would fit in the box! Each scent is true to the name and not at all sickly. Get a box if you seen them :) x

  4. Hmmm Crème Brûlée sounds yummy!

  5. @GABY.. It certainly is! In fact, I was tempted to eat some ;) x


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